6.27.12 Strength

5 minute easy row, ride, run, rope skip
20x Balancing Leg Swings
3×5 Wall Squat
3×10 Goblet Squat
2x15m Lunge + SL Balance + SLDL (slow and steady)
4×4 BB SL Deadlift
4×4 Weighted Step-ups (KB in FC position)
Punch the trailing leg up to parallel
Sumo DL
3 sets of 3 @ 80% 
3 sets @ 3 @ 83%
3 sets @ 3 @ 85-90%
Cool Down
Aubrey H.
Diane M.
Lourdes M.
Latissa H.
Danielle D.
Victor R.
Michelle A.
Seth L.
Erica J.
Keith S.
Amber C.
Xeve S.
Tammi J.
Jennifer B.
Greg Y.
Jamie B.
Lelia G.
Cody G.
Cindy B.
Talia K.
Margaret F.
Valerie B.
Dana K.
Michele E.
Nancy W.
Jamie W.
Cedric J.
Sky J.
Oliver M.
Rodney J.
Anya B.
Katie W.
Will B.
Raja S.
Steve G.
Bobby M.
Jamie Bald.
Joshua C.
Scott K.
Aaron W.
Jen H.
Jim C.
Ashley M.
Rob O.
Janell B.
Marcus W.
Tom R.
Nicole B.
Cynthia P.
Steve S.
Dmitri M.
Tiffany R.
Marissa F.
Joe B.
Bryan C.
Mariana F.
Nic B.
Coach’s Comments

The absence of any consistent single-leg work in our training became obvious today. There were several athletes who did very well with it (above), but there were several more who didn’t. Rest a sure it will find its way more regularly into our programs over the next few months.













In the spirit of our single leg work today I prescribed a “punch through” with the trail leg. This ensures the trail leg does not find it’s way onto the box in any way to assist the athlete stepping up. Every effort should also be made in the bottom to minimize the contribution of the trail leg “pushing off.” It’s harder than it seems. When you get to the top demonstrate control before going down.