6.30.12 Power Endurance, Competition

Workout 1
5 minute row, ride, run, rope skip
100x Jumping Jacks
4x15m Lunge + Bear Crawl 
4×10 KBS (increase load)
15m Walking KBS @ 35# +
15m Sprint +
15m Walking KBS @ 45# +
15m Sprint +
15m Walking KBS @ >45# +
15m Sprint
Rest while partner goes
3 sets each
6x Weighted Lunges (Hold KBs in FC position) +
5x Burpees
Max Distance in 10 minutes
P1 4x 20s Hard / 10s Easy Row/Ski 
P2 Jump Rope to “actively” recover
Switch, 3 rounds each
Cool Down
Margaret F.
Ashley C.
Nicole P.
Jamie W.
Kristen B.
Robin M.
Janell B.
Erin E.
Marissa F.
Byron Y.
Rob J.
Layne N.
Katy R.
Nic B.
Laurie G.
Erica G.
Lavinia D.
Tricia M.
Raja S.
Cynthia P.
Joshua C.
Anya B.
Robert AY.
Bobby M.
Workout 2
For time
100x Burpees +
300x Double Unders 
Every minute on the minute do 2x Snatch @ 115#
Cool Down
Rob S. – 15:38
Wayne C. – DNF
Chris W. – 14:49
Jamie S. – 18:38
James R. – 17:45
Coach’s Comments

Float the bell and step. Timing is everything.












Jamie learning how to be efficient with double unders. Sometimes in circuits we figure it out. Today she did.













Two snatches every minute.