7.2.12 Power Endurance, Tag Team

5 minute easy row, ride, rope skip
2×20 Squats
2×10 Shoulder Dislocates
2×5 OHS @ dowel
3×5 DB SOTS Press (between sets spend time doing mobility work)
P1 10x HR Push-ups 
P2 Hold Slosh Pipe OH for duration of Push-ups
P3 Rest
Slosh Pipe never touches the ground. P1 takes pipe from P2. 
Rotate through for 12 minutes
20x (each direction) Bulgarian Bag Full Moons +
2x (30s Mountain Climber + 30s FLR)
Rest while partner goes OR 2 minutes 
3 sets each player
100m ALL-OUT Row/Ski +
15m KB Bear Crawl
4 sets
Rest as needed between
Cool Down
Cristian A.
Chris S.
Latissa H.
Darin J.
Diane M.
Rodney J.
Robin M.
Jamie Bald.
Renate L.
Kian O.
Wayne C.
Kevin S.
Andrew L.
Jennifer B.
Katie M.
Jamie Berk
Erin E.
Erica G.
Jen H.
Graham P.
Maghan M.
Sara Y.
Brandi S.
Jordan C.
Lelia G.
Dana K.
Kathie T.
Cindy B.
Valerie B.
Jason V.
Oliver M.
Britni P.
Margaret F.
Will B.
Tim B.
Patrick N.
Laura M.
Kristen B.
Marissa F.
Susan K.
Cedric J.
Chris W.
Tom R.
Steve S.
Andrew R.
Sara R.
Miguel R.
Nicole P.
Scott K.
Rachel S.
Lizzy M.
Marcus W.
Nicole B.
Mike G.
Catherine D.
Bryan C.
Mary S.
Robert AY.
Aaron W.
Adriana R.
Diana R.
Chrishna J.
Carol S.
Tiffany R.
Raja S.
Lee W.
Coach’s Comments
I jumped in with the 5:15 group tonight and had a blast. Every now and then the General has to go into battle with his troops. I train so often by myself that it’s nice to vibe off the energy of others for a change. I see why everyone likes group training so much. I think I was about 15% stronger tonight and my energy was through the roof. 
I’m very pleased with the way the gym has been running of late. My staff is rounding nicely into place and all of you are making great gains. There is a heightened awareness around movement quality and patience that makes me very happy. As you’ll soon see in “Inside Go Primal, Part II” our mindset has shifted so much in the past few months. I look back on what we were doing even last year and shake my head sometimes. One thing’s for sure, I hate stagnation. Change is integral to our style. There are so many ways to get better and we thrive on continuously pushing the envelope; constantly finding new ways; better ways; more efficient ways. 
This is just the beginning…

The goal of the SOTS Press is to “awaken” the back extensors, particularly the mid-thoracics. Every attempt should be made to keep the press vertical and to lock out the elbows at the top. Limitations in flexibility force the DBs forward. Choose a light weight and focus on perfect repetitions. This one is not a strength movement, at least not in this context.













The push-up/Slosh Pipe caper was harder than I thought. The pipe should stay off the ground the entire 12 minutes. Once the push-ups start adding up the Slosh Pipe gets interesting. Drop the pipe = 20 burpees.













Create momentum in the bottom, ride it overhead. Overusing the arms is a common mistake. Proper execution fatigues the grip, core, and hips. I actually try to relax as much as possible and let the bag do the work. It’s much like a KBS. The work is only done in the bottom.













Jumping is one way to create more leverage. The problem is it gasses you QUICKLY. Luckily today’s efforts were only 100m at a time.













Chase each 100m effort with 15m KB Bear Crawl. If you use anything under 30# use DBs. Otherwise give the KBs a shot. What you gain in weight you also gain in stability. The body should remain relatively parallel to the floor at all times. Advance one KB at a time and re-center the body over the front bell. This one is another good core exercise and is made even more interesting after a 100m all-out effort on the ski erg or rower.