7.6.12 Power Endurance

Workout 1
5 minute easy row, ride, run, rope skip
3×5 Wall Squat (SLOW!)
20s Squat +
20s Step-up +
20s Rest
7 rounds (to warm-up)
Front Squat Prep (10-minutes, box and band work)
Front Squat Strength Ladder
10 reps + 10 box jumps
9 reps + 9 box jumps
8 reps + 8 box jumps
7 reps + 7 box jumps
6 reps + 6 box jumps
5 reps + 5 box jumps
4 reps + 4 box jumps
3 reps + 3 box jumps
2 reps + 2 box jumps
1 rep + 1 box jump
Adjust box height so that each set of box jumps is challenging
5 minute easy ride or walk
Lourdes M.
Latissa H.
Beau C.
Dave H.
Hebah F.
Darin J.
Keith S.
Aaron W.
Fiona M.
Kian O.
Katie M.
Tammi J.
Nicole B.
Greg Y.
Keith M.
Maghan M.
Brandi S.
Rob J.
Joe L.
Seth L.
Renate L.
Sara Y.
Amber C.
Robin M.
Jordan C.
Nicole M.
Lelia G.
Jason V.
Anna S.
Valerie B.
Cindy B.
Dana K.
Michele E.
Nicole C.
Jamie Bald.
Oliver M.
James B.
Erica G.
Rodney J.
Chrissy VD.
Will B.
Rachel S.
Katie W.
Tom R.
Rob O.
Talia K.
Joshua C.
Chrishna J.
Lavinia D.
Jamie W.
Jim C.
Patrick N.
Steve S.
Rob E.
Naomi E.
Sara R.
Clifford N.
Robert AY.
Janell B.
Lizzy R.
James R.
Cristian A.
Stephanie F.
Elise L.
Sky J.
Adriana R.
Diana R.
Ashley M.
Workout 2
Bench Press Strength Ladder
10 reps + 3x Pull-ups with chains
9 reps + 3x Pull-ups with chains
8 reps + 3x Pull-ups with chains
7 reps + 3x Pull-ups with chains
6 reps + 3x Pull-ups with chains 
5 reps + 3x Pull-ups with chains
4 reps + 3x Pull-ups with chains
3 reps + 3x Pull-ups with chains
2 reps + 3x Pull-ups with chains
1 rep + 3x Pull-ups with chains
KB Row Drop Set
15 reps @ 70# +
5 reps @ 60# +
5 reps @ 50#
25 reps total
Cool Down
Chris W.
Marcus W.
Coach’s Comments

A lot of athletes struggle with this position. I'd rather see them stay light and work on the proper position than load up with a bodybuilder grip. The bodybuilder grip is ok, but eventually it will be a limiting factor. Develop the flexibility to do it right now so that later you're not hampered. Besides, if you can't front squat you can't clean. Any aspirations to do the Olympic lifts demands this position be perfected.














As the reps go down on the box jumps the height should go up. Several of the guys had to add plates to the box . But be careful, shins and boxes don't mix. And make sure there is always someone there to hold the plates too.













Drop Sets with KB Rows. 15 reps @ 70#, 5 reps @ 60#, 5 reps @ 50#. EMG studies suggest this is one of the best ways to recruit the lats and scapular retractors. It's also a single limb movement, which is good to develop balance between left and right sides.













Robin conquering some demons on the 16" box.