7.9.12 Power Endurance

Do a few reps of each exercises below to get warm
“Crazy 8’s”
8 reps each:
Sumo DL +
Pull-up +
“Spike” Swing +
Burpees +
Bulgarian Lunge (left leg) +
Bulgarian Lunge (right leg) +
Deck Squat/Ball Slam +
Tuck Jump
8 rounds, not for time
Cool Down
Cristian A.
Chris S.
Britni P.
Diane M.
Latissa H.
Darin J.
Jamie W.
Victor R.
Jamie Bald.
Dave H.
Michelle A.
Keith S.
Wayne C.
Xeve S.
Kian O.
Erica J.
Fiona M.
Amber C.
Tammi J.
Jamie Berk
Rob J.
Erin R.
Renate L.
Newell F.
Brandi S.
Robin M.
Jordan C.
Dana K.
Lelia G.
Sky J.
Alana G.
Erica G.
Valerie B.
Naomi E.
Margaret F.
Kara S.
Talia K.
Doug Wi.
Nancy W.
Cedric J.
Rodney J.
Oliver M.
Jill P.
Adriana R.
Diana R.
Will B.
Catherine D.
Carol S.
Katie M.
Katie W.
Niko M.
Jim C.
Rachel S.
Susan K.
Jamie S.
Steve G.
Miguel R.
Chrissy VD.
Bobby M.
Nicole P.
Nicole B.
Scott K.
Ashley C.
Crystal S.
Marcus W.
Jen H.
Bryan C.
Robert AY.
Bryan A.
Mary S.
Chrishna J.
John V.
Raja S.
Elise L.
Tiffany R.
Lee W.
Aaron W.
Sara R.
Rob S.
Mariana F.


Workout 2.
2×8 1×6
rest 2-3 minutes
Back Squat 5-3 wave
4-5% increases
2-4 sets till last rep is missed
3-5 minute rest
3x Speed Bench Press 4 sets w/ 30s rest  @ 50%
2×5 pull-ups
3 rnds

Bobby M. – Last wave (190#, 200#, 210#), Speed Bench used 160#

Workout 3.
Back Squat
1×10 2×8 2×6 2×4  1×10 back off set
rest 2-3 minutes
4×6 RDL moderate tempo
7x Push Press
5x pull-ups
4 rnds

Lavinia D. – 4x Back Squat 135#, 6x RDL 115#

Coach’s Comments

Keep the torso as upright as possible. Even though I didn't prescribe the exercise this way it paints a perfect picture of what position to strive for. Because we'd never done these in larger group settings people struggled a little with position and balance. I liked it through and know it will leave an imprint for the next few days.













Allow the "spiker" to spike the bell. Your goal is to throw on the brakes in the bottom and accelerate out.













A proper Tuck Jump.












The Deck Squat/Ball Slam packed a punch in this circuit. It has a very large degree of movement, much like that of a burpee. Going from lying on the floor to a fully standing position with weight creates quite an O2 demand. I don't program these in a lot because of the flexion component. But they're nice to do every now and then.