7.10.12 Strength, Power

Workout 1
Prep the shoulders
3x15m Lunge Press (light)
3x Strict Press +
2x Push Press +
1x Jerk-Balance
2 sets (still warming up)
Split-Stance Push Press
Litvinov Conversions (variant)
Split Jumps (8 reps each leg) + 10m Sprint…
Three sets @ BW
Two sets @ BW + 10-15#
Two Sets @ BW + 15-20
Two Set @ BW + >20#
9 sets total
Between each set perform 3-5x Wall Walks to “recover”
Cool Down
Jason V.
Diane M.
Latissa H.
Amber C.
Robin M.
Xeve S.
Hebah F.
Robyn S.
Rob E.
Bobby M.
Byron D.
Erica J.
Keith S.
Victor R.
Stephen C.
Tammi J.
Dallas N.
Leah Z.
Erica G.
Dana K.
Talia K.
Nicole C.
Kelli V.
Erin E.
Bob R.
Nicole P.
Will B.
Marissa F.
Miguel R.
Byron Y.
Jen H.
Ale P.
Jim C.
Aaron W.
Gisela T.
Ashley M.
Tom R.
Janell B.
Scott K.
Rob O.
James R.
Evan J.
Wlises M.
Nic T.
Bryan C.
Tony H.
Marsi B.
Clifford N.
Joe B.
Stephanie F.
Wayne C.
Tiffany R.
Mariana F.
Diana R.
Workout 2
Prep the shoulders
BB Complex:
Snatch DL +
Muscle Snatch +
One set of 6 reps @ 45#
One set of 6 reps @ 75#
One set of 4 reps @ 95#
Three sets of 2 reps @ 115-135#
Work up on Close-Bench Press
Close-Bench Press Drop Set w/chains
3-5 reps (to failure) 
Strip one set of chains
Max reps to failure (should be 1-4 tough reps)
Strip another set of chains
Max reps to failure
Rest 3-5 minutes
4 sets
2000m Row for time
Cool Down
2000m Row:
James R. – 7:29
Rodney J. – 7:36
Marcus W. – 7:21
Workout 3
Work up on Back Squat
8, 6, , 3,
Back 2, 1, 1, 1, 10% drop sets 10s rest to drop weight.
rest 3-5 minutes.
4-5 sets
6x push press
8x hanging row 2-1-2-1
4 rounds

Katie W. 3 RM Back Squat 150#, Then 95# for circuit
Sky J. 3 RM Back Squat 150#, Then 65# for circuit
Chrissy V. 3 RM Back Squat 145#, Then 2×20# DB for circuit
Nicole B. 3 RM Back Squat 145#, Then 2×20# DB for circuit

Workout 4
Back Squat
1×10 2×8 2×6 2×4 1×10 back off set
rest 2-3 minutes
Hang power clean and push jerk
5 reps EMOM for 10 min w/ 95#
Cool down w/ 8/8 landmine
3-4 sets

Kain O. – 4x Back Squat 225#

Workout 5
3×3 OHS
4×2 Snatch Pull
4×1 Snatch Balance
2×2 1¼ Back Squat

Rob S. – 3x OHS 225#, 2x Snatch Pull 155#, 1x Snatch Bal 225#, 2x 1 ¼ Back Squat 225#

Coach’s Comments

We had everyone doing Push Press from a split stance today. Two things were obvious. First, it’s more difficult to access the legs from a split stance. Second, balance was an issue for many. This one will surely be back.













The purpose of the Litvinov Conversions is to convert the split jumps (or any movement) into the sprint as quickly as possible. Making a seamless transition is the goal. But be careful, the legs are heavy. A few people fell today. Nothing keeps you focused like the element of fear. Drop the bells and SPRIINT. The first three steps are the most critical.














This was an experiment of sorts. Needless to say it appeared effective. I combined two programming styles that maximize intra-muscular tension: Drops sets and chains. Anxious to see how the guys feel tomorrow.













A closer look.












Rob demonstrating control.