7.11.12 Power Endurance

KB Complex
Practice movements below
2x Clean + 2x Front Squat + 1x Split Jerk
Once every 30s for 10 minutes
5x “DeadRow” (DL + Bent-Over Row = 1 rep)
4 sets
Rest plenty between sets
8×1 “Heavy” Strict Pull-up
Rest 90-120s between sets
One-Arm KB Row (put one arm on MB rack or box, back is almost horizontal to the floor)
2×15 each arm @ 50#
2×10 each arm @ 60#
1×7 each arm @ >70#
Cool Down
Diane M.
Jamie W.
Latissa H.
Tammi J.
Beau C.
Dave H.
Xeve S.
Greg Y.
Cody G.
Kevin G.
Dana K.
Kian O.
Erica J.
Amber C.
Keith S.
Jamie Berk
Sara Y.
Graham P.
Seth L.
Renate L.
Brandi S.
Jordan C.
Anna S.
Erin E.
Haani J.
Nicole C.
Rachel S.
Alana G.
Rebecca P.
Erica G.
Ashley M.
Naomi E.
Margaret F.
Kara S.
Talia K.
Michele E.
Rodney J.
Nancy W.
Anya B.
Carol S.
Cedric J.
Chrissy VD.
Scott S.
Renee S.
Katie W.
Will B.
Aubrey H.
Jen H.
Tim B.
Susan K.
Leah Z.
Jim C.
Aaron W.
Nicole B.
Ashley C.
Steve S.
Mariana F.
Tiffany R.
Cynthia P.
Bryan C.
Lee W.
Coach’s Comments

The DeadRow is a combination of a deadlift and a bent-over row. I like it for several reasons. One, it’s great for developing the posterior chain, which is under tension for the entire movement. Second, grip becomes a factor if the weight is dosed properly. Third, it addresses a weakness for a lot of people, which is upper back development. A common error is jerking the weight up to the chest to compensate for poor upper back strength. Keep the head back and torso still. 















Today I gave everyone a chance to see what they were made of on the pull-up. The best male added 90#; the best female 80#. Impressive indeed.













While chest to the bar is always the gold standard, I told everyone they had to at least get their head fully above the bar for the rep to count.













I’m becoming more and more a fan of single-limb work. Unilateral training is great for creating higher levels of muscle tension, training through a more full ROM, and identifying  potential structural balance issues between left and right sides. Today it was the “icing.”