7.13.12 Power Endurance

100x Pull-up (use Jump Pull-ups if necessary) +
200x KBS (40/30) +
300x Squats
400m Run
Every minute on the minute do 4x Burpees
Latissa H.
Cristian A.
Robin M.
Hebah F.
Dave H.
Fiona M.
Tammi J.
Misti W.
Amber C.
Keith S.
Greg Y.
Xeve S. – 44:48
Andy L. 
Katie M.
Kevin G. – 48:46
Jordan C. – 32:27
Elizabeth F.
Renate L. 
Rob J.
Newell F.
Brandi S.
Sky J.
Seth L.
Sara Y.
Chrissy VD. 
Jamie Bald.
Bobby M.
Nicole C.
Naomi E.
Rob S. – 43:50
Niko M. – 47:35
Aaron W. – 46:00
Clifford N.
Tom R. 
Janell B.
Steve S.
Rodney J. – 40:38
Katie W.
Tim B.
Erin E.
Stephanie F.
Mariana F.
Adriana R.
Diana R.
Workout 2
Primal Tri
150 calories on the Airdyne +
2000m Row +
2.7 mile run
Record time
Cool Down
Joe L. – 38:42
Marcus W. – 42:57
Coach’s Comments

It was an amazing week in the gym. The programs, the efforts, the energy, the focus. Everything. I am blessed to have cultivated such a group of people. Together, collectively, you have built yourselves and this gym into something quite worthy; something I’m confident will stand the test of time.