7.16.12 Power Endurance, Strength, Power

Workout 1
5 minute easy row, ride, run, rope skip
2×20 Squat 
2x15m Lunge
2x 20sec Frog Hop 
2x 20sec Split Jump 
2x 20sec Burpee 
Rest as needed between all sets during warm-up
Weighted Lunge (position BB in BS)
2x15m @ 45#
2x15m @ 95#
2x15m @ 135#
2x15m “Funky” (attach 2x KB to each side of the bar) – see photos
5x  Ball Slam +
10x Push-ups +
15x KBS 
20 minutes, as many rounds as possible
Cool Down
Chris S.
Jamie W.
Darin J.
Diane M.
Xeve S.
Rodney J.
Aaron W.
Kevin G.
Renate L.
Beau C.
Andrew L.
Fiona M.
Amber C.
Katie M.
Tammi J.
Jason A.
Kian O.
Erin R.
Robin M.
Jordan C.
Lelia G.
Erin E.
Sky J.
Alana G.
Naomi E.
Carrie D.
Kara S.
Jill P.
Dana K.
Nancy W.
Rob J.
Wlises M.
Susan S.
Wayne C.
Jason V.
Hebah F.
Crystal S.
Marissa F.
Bobby M.
Robert AY.
Clifford N.
Jen H.
Leah Z.
Miguel R.
Aubrey H.
Jim C.
Lizzy M.
Scott K.
Ashley C.
Nicole P.
Janell B.
Marcus W.
Bryan C.
Steve G.
Steve S.
John V.
Chrishna J.
Mariana F.
Mary S.
Tiffany R.
Nic T.
Britni P.
Adriana R.
Mike G.
Erica G.
Diana R.
Lee W.
Workout 2
Back 2, 1, 1, 1, 10% drop sets 10s rest to drop weight.
rest 3-5 minutes.
4-5 sets
8x Close Grip Bench Press
3x eccentric Pull-up
4 rounds
Lavinia D. – 3RM Back Squat 150#, 8x Close Grip 75#
Intern 2. – 3RM Back Squat 220#, Speed Bench 115#


Workout 3
Front Squat 3-1 wave
2 sets Rest 3-4 minutes
1 RM Bench Press in 5 sets
Then 3×2 @ 85%

Bobby M. – Last F-Squat wave: 205, 225, 250, 1RM Bench Press 315
Workout 4
4×2 Snatch at 70%
4×2 Hang clean at 70%
4×2 Jerk at 70%
2x (15-10-5) Ring Dip

Rob S. – 2x Snatch 155#, 2x Hang Clean 180#, 2x Jerk 180#
Chris W. – 2x Snatch 170#, 2x Hang Clean 180#, 2x Jerk 180#


Coach’s Comments

I actually took this picture last week. If you ever want to make a push-up harder invert two kettle bells. This places greater amounts of stress on the wrist/shoulder stabilizers. It’s also forces you to focus, because with one faulty move you’ll be face first into the floor.













A fine finish.












Lunging with a barbell places more demand on the trunk. If the hips, back, or core is weak this particular version of a lunge is very difficult. Be careful not to bang the patella with the back knee. Eyes up and pull through the front foot. It’s only 15 meters…













If the above example is too easy, attach kettle bells to the outside of the bar. The first set is very “funky.” The second less so, as the nervous system, tends to adapt quickly. Move slowly and deliberately. Fast and abrupt motions make for more chaos. Chaos = a long 15m.













As usual, Jen demonstrating perfect control.