7.18.12 Power Endurance

Workout 1
5 minute row, ride, run, rope skip
2x15m For. Bear Crawl + 15m Backward Bear Crawl
2×10 Shoulder Dislocates
2×7 Push-up with a PLUS (regular push-up + scap push-up = 1 rep)
3×6 DB SOTS Press (light)
Shoulder Prep (5-8 minutes, bands, rollers, etc.)
P1 200m Ski or 250m Row or 20 Calorie Ride
P2 Wall Sit for the duration of Ski/Row
Max rounds in 12 minutes
Rest 5 minutes
BB Floor Press + Burpee + 30s Dead Hang
10/1/30s, 9/2/30s, 8/3/30s…continue to 1/10/30s
5×8 Seated DB Press @3010 tempo
Cool Down
Beau C.
Chris S.
Erica J.
Hebah F.
Jamie W.
Latissa H.
Diane M.
Robin M.
Dave H.
Michelle S.
Katie M.
Cody G.
Kevin G.
Darin J.
Aubrey H.
Renate L.
Greg Y.
Amber C.
Keith S.
Tammi J.
Kian O.
Rob J.
Aaron W.
Jamie G.
Sara Y.
Newell F.
Seth L.
Erin R.
Jordan C.
Lelia G.
Michele E.
Rebecca P.
Kara S.
Erica G.
Kelly W.
Alana G.
Dana K.
Erin E.
Anya B.
Britni P.
Wlises M.
Rodney J.
Margaret F.
Susan S.
Jamie S.
Nancy W.
Will B.
Tracy T.
Lizzy M.
Ashley M.
Clifford N.
Katie W.
Susan K.
Miguel R.
Bobby M.
Jen H.
Jim C.
Ashley C.
Nicole B.
John V.
Chrishna J.
Robert AY.
Nicole C.
Bryan C.
Mariana F.
Workout 2
Max Snatch for the day
Max Clean and Jerk for the day
Cool Down
Chris W. – Snatch @ 205# (PR), CJ @ 245#
Rob S. – Snatch @ 195#, CJ @ 235#
Rodney J. – Snatch @ 175#, CJ @ 235#
Coach’s Comments
The key to any descending ladder (10-1 for example) is to make the set of ten very difficult. The point of a descending ladder is to build work capacity through the power endurance channel. The reps are structured in descending fashion to accommodate for fatigue. So as the athlete starts getting tired the reps decrease. However, if the load is right every set should be a struggle without having to adjust the weight throughout the ladder. The benefit therefore is that it plays to the psyche by accommodating for fatigue, yet still allows for a lot of work to be done (55 reps total) in a relatively short amount of time. 
Secondly, there is a sense of accomplishment associated with ladders, whether you’re moving up or down. This keeps the athlete motivated and allows them to gauge their effort accordingly. There are a myriad of options when it comes to ladders. 10-1, 1-10, 1-10-1, 1-6, 20-1, etc. Which you decide to do has everything to do with your intention and the movement(s) chosen. 

One player rows, the other "rests." Rotate back and forth for 12 minutes.

As I mentioned above, whenever you're doing a descending ladder it's important the first set (in this case 10) be difficult, otherwise the training response will be compromised. When this is the case each subsequent set should also be close to failure. In the end you will have completed 10 very challenging sets.

A grueling day of max efforts. On the way to one every rep and set MUST be executed to perfection. If the rep is anything short of perfect we repeat the set. Perfection breeds perfection.

I've been programming these in for the past two weeks and for whatever reason we haven't gotten to them. Finally yesterday we put the icing on cake after all of our pressing work.