9.1.12 Power Endurance

Workout 1
5 minute easy row, ride, run, skip
2×20 Squat 
2x15m Lunge + 15m Bear Crawl
2x 20sec Frog Hop 
2x 20sec Split Jump 
2x 30sec Burpee 
Rest as needed between all sets 
10-1 Ladder of the following:
Farmer Step-ups +
30s Wall Sit
Looks like…
10x Step-ups + 30s Wall Sit
9x Step-ups + 30s Wall Sit, etc…
Every minute on the minute do 15m Burpee/Broad Jump
Minutes 1-6 @ BW
Minutes 7-10 @ BW + 2×10-15# DBs
Minutes 11-15 @ BW + 2×15-20# DBs
When player cries uncle (i.e. fails) and can no longer complete 15m in time allotted immediately do the following:
<6 minutes = 60 Calories on Airdyne or Rower
Between 7-10 minutes = 50 Calories on Airdyne or Rower
Between 11-15 minutes = 40 Calories on Airdyne or Rower
If  the player makes it all the way through there is no penalty.
P1 20x Wall Ball
P2 Rest
Switch, contine to 200 combined reps
Fall Down 
Workout 2
1000m Row +
100x Burpees +
750m Row +
75x KBS @ 50# +
500m Row +
50x Wall Ball @ 20# +
250m Row +
25x Pull-ups
Record time
Cool Down
Coach’s Comments

Drive through the top leg. The second foot should not contact the box until the first one is fully extended. As the ladder gets shorter the Wall Sits get closer together, making the step-ups that much more difficult. Genius really.

This is the typical result of a leg-on-leg combo.

Several of the athletes in the 10am group had injuries. As is the case is many groups you have to have a few different tricks up your sleeve to deliver an equally effective workout using a different tool or tools. I think Andy got his money's worth today, even without doing the Burpee/Broad Jump fiasco.

In the end there is no winner. If you drop out early and have to do an Airdyne sprint you lose. If you go all the way to the 15-minute mark doing Burpee/Broad jumps you also lose. The only winner is me, because I get to watch everyone put forth their best effort, which makes me very happy.