9.2.12 Rant

The Upcoming Week
The Daily Sessions area of the site this week will not display any workouts or results. Workouts will still be recorded, data tracked, and efforts applauded when appropriate. I still plan to post pictures with captions, but will fill most of the posts with daily rants about what I’m learning, reflections on the gym, our training philosophy, and anything I think is worth reading. Last year I posted the 10 things I learned everyday. It was a nice way to review the many lessons of the day and fill you in on what I was doing for 12 hours a day.
I will miss everyone in the gym, but am looking forward to hanging out with great people outside of my general stratosphere, training in some new environments (for the sake of comparison and new ideas), and relaxing a bit. I spend so much time teaching and coaching that it’s nice to sit back and be taught or coached every once and a while. The longer I do this the more open I’ve become to new ideas and approaches, as a means of either refining or redirecting the GP philosophy or company strategy. 
Perspective has been a valuable tool to progress. Where are we? Are we cutting edge? Can we do better? How? What are areas of weakness? Where can we improve most and how do we prioritize what’s important and what isn’t? 
This is essentially what I’ll be doing over the next 5 days. I plan to write a lot, read a lot, and think a lot. The workouts this week have been selected from the archive. If you’ve been at the gym for a while you might remember them. If not, they’ll be new and very challenging. I have made an effort to choose training sessions that are not too complicated so my staff can  implement them with ease. However, do not let their simplicity lull you into complacency. Train hard this week. I’ll be staying in touch with my staff all week and want to know who is working extra hard and who is not. 
If anyone needs anything do not hesitate to either email me or contact a GP staff member for assistance. Be well.
Until tomorrow,

Approach each workout as an opportunity to break yourself. Character and initiative are prerequisites to personal re-invention. Advanced level trainees have the ability to go longer and dig deeper because they always swim in the deep end of the pool. They are familiar with the feeling of pain that comes with going hard. They are familiar with the “suck.” And when they finally arrive at a state of fitness worth discussing they actually thrive on it, like a drug. Some call us crazy. Some proclaim we are extremists. Don’t argue with them. They’re right. But we know who we are. We know what we’re cable of. We have come face to face with our limits. And that makes us innately human. So many people just walk around, unaware of their surrounding and functional capacity. Life is doing them. This, in my opinion, is why we as a society are faltering. We are lost, not in our surroundings but in our own bodies. I’d rather be an extremist.