9.4.12 Power Endurance

Globo Gyms Rock
Jason and I visited the local LA Fitness in Scottsdale, AZ last night to get our lift on. They should have been honored we chose to train at their facility.  Instead they charged us $15 each. I guess we’re only legends in our own minds. Oh well. That being the case we felt the need to get our money’s worth. Little did I know the people-watching alone was worth the price of admission. I was kicking myself the whole time for not bringing my phone in to capture some of the most horrific displays of training I have ever witnessed. When we go back tomorrow morning I’ll be sure to grab it.
My training is quite different on the road and I admit I actually enjoy visiting Globo gyms like this on occasion. My background is in bodybuilding, so I salivate at the opportunity to revisit some of my old training styles and use pieces of equipment I haven’t in a while (especially heavy DBs and cable machines). They did have Dumbbells that went all the way up to 150, which is impressive for a place like that. Thankfully I didn’t see anyone trying to use them. Can’t wait to get my hands on them to do some heavy DB Snatches, if we don’t get kicked out of course. 
All the TV monitors around the gym were advertising plastic surgeons and there was a steroid warning in the men’s locker room. They should have been advertising physical therapy and orthopedic doctors. It was truly painful to watch these people  destroying their joints and spines.  
Our workout on the other hand was awesome, and we’re feeling the affects this morning. I’ve posted it below to give you an idea of what we did. 
Globo Gym Workout – Torso, Arms, Rotator Cuff
6/6/6x DB Chest Press @ 2×60# DBs
Six reps @ 60 degree incline
Six reps @ 40 degree incline
Six reps @ Flat
Done in succession
Rest while other player goes
3 sets
4×6 Sterum Pull-ups
Lean back as much as possible and try to contact your sternum to the pull-up bar.
Tri-Set #1: Triceps
8x V-Dips +
8x Overhead Cable Triceps Extensions +
4-6x V-Dips
Rest plenty, 3 sets
Tri-Set #2: Biceps 
8x Incline Biceps Curl +
8x Close-Grip Scott Curl +
4-6x Incline Biceps Curl
Rest plenty between sets, 3 sets
Rotator Cuff Work
3×15 Cable External Rotation (upper arm horizontal to floor, cable at hand height)
3×8-12 Cable External Rotation (upper arm parallel to floor, cable at foot height)
Cool Down 
GP Workout 
5 minute easy ride or row
3×5 Wall Squats
2×20 Airsquats
3×5 Burpees
Goblet Squat / Windmill
15/7 @ 40#
10/5 @ 50#
5/2 @ 70#
5x Strict Pull-up +
7x KB “Headcutter” (M@40-50#, F@20-35#) +
10x HR Push-up +
20x OH Plate Lunge +
10 rounds (not for time)
Cool Down with 10-Minute Static Hold Circuit
Rotate between Wall Sit, Handstand Hold, and Low Plank
Actual Cool Down 
Advanced Training Workout
Work up to 3RM DL
DL Clusters 
Rest 15s between each rep
Rest 3-5 minutes
4 sets
Run 400m +
100x Double Unders +
Run 400m +
200x Double Unders +
Run 400m +
300x Double Unders
Go as far as you can in 15 minutes
Cool Down
Coach’s Comments
We just wrapped up the first day of lecture. Tomorrow I’ll post a few gems I’ve learned so far. 
Below is a video of a few things we did in the Globo gym in our pm session. We decided to go back after sitting in class all day. Sitting all day when you’re use to running around, correcting form, yelling, and training is difficult. So we high tailed it out of their and found a 24 hour fitness hoping it would be an improvement from the LA fitness the night before. Wrong! The only thing that was better was they only charged us $10 and told us it was good for 24 hours. We’ll head back in the morning for another session. 
The video below contains four pieces of footage. It’s certainly not my best video production work, but does show you a few cool things we’ve been doing with our time in the Globo gyms. The first shows how to maintain lumbar extension/neutral while using a leg press. Yes I said leg press. I haven’t used a leg press in years. So when I saw it I got excited to try it again. The common mistake doing leg press happens in the bottom. As the weight approaches the torso the spine gets forced into a flexed position under load. It’s no different than doing back squats and flexing in the bottom or collapsing into a flexed position under the weight. The discs take a beating, much more so in the leg press because people typically pile on the weight because their is no flexibly required to do it and they feel safer. 
The second piece is an eccentric hamstring curl. Curl up with both legs, lower with one at a time for a 4-5s eccentric. Keep the feet neutral (i.e. not turned out or in). The Hamstrings are predominantly fast twitch muscle fibers and are responsible for decelerating the lower leg during activities like sprinting, kicking, etc. They respond quite well to this type of training. 
The third is an eccentric-enhancement back extension. All you need is a dumbbell, and a small one at that. Extend the weight at the top, squeeze the posterior chain (glutes, hamstrings and low back) and lower slowly and under control. The low back extensors have to work overtime against the long lever created by extending the DB outward. It’s tough. 
Finally, I decided to train our grip a bit. Every muscle in our torso and upper arm were fried from previous workout so we did some grappler curls, which stress both the finger flexors and wrist extensors at the same time. Great for judo players or any athlete needing grip development. It’s humbling, but effective. We used 2×10# DBs, jumped to 15# and then fell back to 10#. Did I mention they were humbling. 
Enjoy. I miss you all. 

These plates suck to do deadlifts with. Everytime the bar touched the ground the weight shifted either forward or back.



Lost in the corner between two machines.

We did low back work, everyone else destroyed theirs. Wake up, sit and eat, sit and drive to work, sit all day, sit and drive to the gym, do the worst possible exercise you could do considered what you’ve been doing all day, sit and drive home, sit and eat dinner, go to sleep. It’s no wonder their backs hurt. Feel the burn. It’s your disc about to go…

The gym was packed tonight, except for these. We’ll use them tomorrow and give them a proper run.