10 Things I Learned Today

 Being here feels a little like drinking water out of a fire hose. There’s so so much information, both scientific and anecdotal, that it’s impossible to take it all in. Research suggests that most people are only able to fully absorb about 10% of the things they learn. That feels about right. It’s just that the other 90% is so valuable you hate to let it slip away. Hopefully my notes are good enough to allow me to learn another 10% down the road.
That said, I’ve diluted all of the material down to what I believe are the ten biggest take home points…so far.
1. People are fat not because they eat too much, but because they are stressed, malnourished, and full of toxins. It’s like I always tell my BioSignature clients, you’re body is not ready to lose weight until it is healthy and detoxified.
2. The only acceptable blood glucose level is below 70. Every point your fasting blood glucose levels go up above 70 increases your chances of heart disease by 5%. That means a fasting glucose score of 90 makes you 100% more likely to get heart disease than someone at 70.These scores are one of the best markers for heart disease there is. Homocystine levels are the other.
3. All of the precursors (building blocks) to sex hormones are also precursors to stress hormones. One of these building blocks is called pregnetalone. In the presence of stress or high level of cortisol the body steals pregnetalone from making sex hormones in favor of making stress hormones.   In other words, the body doesn’t care about sex when it’s stressed. 
4. The more you store body fat below the waist the higher your chance of either breast cancer in females and prostate cancer in males.
5. Zinc is the great organizer. In other words, it’s involved in almost every enzymatic reaction in the body and is synergistic with all nutrients known to man. You need zinc to make and maintain testosterone levels, support immune function, to make insulin, and re-establish HCL levels in the stomach.
6. The norms for vitamin D3 are dick and it is almost impossible to become toxic in D3. Take home message: take vitamin D and take a lot. Every cell in the body has a receptor site for D3. That means in some way, shape, or form it contributes to improving symptoms for every disease known to man. If you’ve been taking it a while in therapeutic doses get your levels checked. 80 is the low optimal. 100m is great. Even levels of 120 are not associated with toxicity. Get outside too. The sun is not evil. In fact, it’s the UVB rays that produce the most D3. The best time of day to be in the sun is when your shadow is shorter than you (i.e. mid day). Don’t burn. But don’t use sunblock either, as this will disrupt production significantly. One of the most important functions of D3 is to support the immune system. 
7. Take Magnesium. The more magnesium you have in the body the less chance of getting cancer you have. There is no such thing as cancer of the heart or muscle tissue. Why? Because they have the highest concentrations of Mg. The relationship between Mg levels and cancer is therefore inverse.
8. Insulin post workout is important to lowering cortisol. When cortisol levels go down after training the cortisol/testosterone ratio is lower, making muscle and strength gains more favorable. If there’s any time insulin is your friend it’s post-workout. 
9. Doing a lot of cardio oxidizes the brain rapidly. Oxidation is like rusting. Yet another reason to stop running marathons or cycling.  Weight training wins again.
10. Take a probiotic. An unhealthy gut environment is a major roadblock to detoxification. Poor detoxification will keep you from losing body fat. When the immune system is compromised it’s also difficult to put on muscle mass. For every pound of muscle added it’s an extra 50 calories a day you expend. So if you add 10 lbs of muscle you burn 500 more calories during the day doing nothing.  
Of course there’s more (a lot more), but it’s getting late and we have an early workout in the morning and one more day of class to sit through. It sounds like training is going well back home. Listen to James, Vince and Jason. I’ll be back in a week ready to rock and roll. I’m already brainstorming ways to expose everyone to the amazing things I’m doing  here. 
I care about results. Period. That’s all I’ve ever cared about. I’m here learning this stuff to make GP better. And that’s what I plan to do. Until tomorrow. 
Coach C