9.10.12 Strength, Power Endurance

Below is the group workout (without tags) and the Globo Gym session Misti and I did down in the Keys.
Workout 1
5 minutes of easy row, ride, rope skip
2×10 Shoulder Dislocates
2×10 Push-ups
3×5 DB SOTS Press (light)
Should Mobility Work (5-8 minutes)
KB Push Press “Strength” Ladder + Overhead Hold
10x Push Press + 20s OH Hold
9x Push Press + 20s OH Hold
8x Push Press + 20s OH Hold
7x Push Press + 20s OH Hold
6x Push Press + 20s OH Hold 
5x Push Press + 20s OH Hold
4x Push Press + 20s OH Hold
3x Push Press + 20s OH Hold
2x Push Press + 20s OH Hold
1x Push Press + 20s OH Hold
A “strength” ladder implies the weight goes up each set. 
Start light, but the final set should a very difficult single. 
Rest as needed between sets
500m Row for time
Cool Down
Workout 2
Warm-up with Double Unders
Box Step-ups + Splits Jumps
5 each leg @ 2×30# + 20x Split Jumps
5 each leg @ 2×35# + 20x Split Jumps
5 each leg @ 2×45# + 20x Split Jumps
2×5 each leg @ 2×60# + 20s Split Jumps
5×12 Hex Bar Deadlifts (I will be getting a few of these for the gym soon. I saw it in the corner and went for it.)
4×12 Cable External Rotation @ 3010
Cool Down
Coach’s Comments
Today’s work was probably a nice departure from all the power endurance work we’ve been doing of late. This one will expose anyone who lacks flexibility in their shoulders or t-spine. I use this analog a lot: There’s a reason the support beams on buildings are not build at an angle. You don’t have to be an engineering expert to understand that an angled beam is ineffective at supporting either a lot of weight or a little weight for a long time. The same is true for your arms overhead. If they’re bent, you’re fucked. If they are anywhere other than parallel you’re fucked. If you’re overarching your low back to compensate for your upper back being locked you’re fucked. 
The take home message is simple: Determine which category you fit into. Then, fix it by either working on it before or after a workout, on off days, or by going much lighter during the workout until you improve. Fighting for dear life to hold a couple KBs over your head with your arms bent is wasteful and unnecessary. You won’t get any better. You’ll just get really good at being super inefficient. 
On a side note, I am certain that far more than 66% of the population is obese. My observations have lead me to believe it’s much closer to 99.9%. From my balcony it looks like whale soup in the swimming pool. 

Press and Hold. It’s simple..

Perhaps the most deadly of all the rows…the 500m. That is of course unless you’re doing a 2000m, or a 5000m, or a 10,000m. Truth is they all suck, especially when you’re being tested.