9.11.12 Interval

Workout 1
5 minutes to sweat
10x Goblet Squat + 10x KBS + 10x Headcutter
Perform in succession with no rest between movements
Keep it light through, it’s a warm-up
3 sets (player can increase the load once)
3x15m Burpee/Broad Jump
3x15m Wheelbarrow Walk
“Tabata Fuck This”
20s Work/10s Rest
KB Snatch (L) 
KB Snatch (R)
Split Jump 
Ball Slam
Tuck Jump
Mountain Climber
Double Unders / Single Unders
8 consecutive rounds
Cool Down
Coach’s Comments
I thought I’d pass on a small tidbit about how we store body fat. Interestingly you either store fat like a man (in the torso) or like a women (in the lower body). Neither is preferable, they are only different. For men this means testosterone is declining at a rapid rate. In fact, so many things that lead men in the direction of ill-health kill testosterone levels: Drinking and other drugs (i.e. marijuana), smoking, not eating enough protein, stress, etc. Individually each factor will impact androgen levels in a man. Collectively, they will wreck you. This tends to translate into poor sex drive, inability to put on lean mass, increase risk of heart disease, adrenal fatigue, etc. 
You could get your testosterone levels checked. But it’s unnecessary. A more practical method (and equally as accurate) is to add up your pec, triceps, quad and hamstring skin folds. If the sum of these sites adds up to more than 17mm you likely have the testosterone level of two-week old catholic mouse. 
Another easy way to get a snapshot of a man’s androgen levels is in the morning. A healthy male should have an erection every morning of the week that ends with the letter “y.” That’s everyday. Age doesn’t matter. If that doesn’t motivate you consider that by the year 2045 the average woman will be just as strong as the average man. 
The questions now becomes, “what can you do about it?” Below are a few suggestions. Each one works, but collectively they work better. In other words, the more of these you do the better chance you’ll have of boosting testosterone levels. 
  • Take uber zinc. Start with 1 cap, 3x/day
  • Stop drinking and smoking. 
  • Take whey after every workout. When insulin goes up post-workout, cortisol (stress hormone) goes down. This creates a more favorable cortisol/testosterone ratio and makes putting on lean mass much easier. 
  • Reduce stress. The same hormones that make testosterone make cortisol. Your body will always make stress hormones before sex hormones (pregnenolone steal) because regulating stress is a priority over having sex. There are thousands of things that could potentially produce stress (financial worry, poor sleep, too much aerobic training, conventionally raised foods, prescription drugs, birth control, tap water, processed foods, chemicals in cleaning products, lotions, and shampoos, etc.)
  • Don’t train like a pussy. 
For women there’s a tendency to store body fat in the lower region. The more fat you store in the hips, hamstrings, and quads the more likely you are to get breast cancer. Fat storage in this region is the result of poor estrogen metabolism. Both males and females produce estrogen. It’s a valuable hormone, but must be kept in check to avoid the side effects associated with too much of the wrong kind. 
Estrogen metabolism can occur in three ways. The first is safe and coincidentally the weakest (E2). The other two (E4, E16) manifest as strong estrogens and have a myriad of ill-effects if they go unchecked. Many of the same suggestions for males will work for females. Below are some additional points:
  • Get off birth control
  • Beware of chemicals in cosmetics
  • Choose strength training over aerobic training
  • Take a pro-biotic to help with excretion of estrogrens from the body
I bring all of this up because it’s becoming more and more obvious males are literally turning into females and females are suffering from estrogen-related cancers more than ever (i.e. breast cancer). I’m spending the week with one this week. I’ve been watching her eat and it’s sickening. The more effectively men can manage androgen levels and females can metabolize “bad” estrogens the healthier we’ll all be. 

Keep Choppin was GPs first named workout. That makes it almost 5 years old. I remember back then the average time was almost 30 minutes to complete. Now the average time is well under 22 minutes. I don’t know what Michael got but it better have been under 20.