9.18.12 Power Endurance

5 minute jump rope
KB Shuttle “Death By” style
Looks like…
1st minute do 15m shuttle
2nd minute do 30m shuttle
3rd minute do 45m shuttle
Continue to 11 minutes
If the player doesn’t make it to the 11th minute immediately to Calorie Sprint on Airdyne
Descending by Two
30x Split Jumps +
30s Wall Sit +
28x Split Jump +
30s Wall Sit +
26x Split Jump +
30s Wall Sit
Continue to 2x Split Jump + 30s Wall Sit
6x15m Slosh Pipe Lunge (Place pipe in BS position)
Rest as needed between sets
Cool Down
Coach’s Comments
There are several things in the hopper right now I’m working on. 
For next week I plan to have the following mini-projects complete:
1. Coach’s Video Blog – Technique Tip #1: True Grip vs. False Grip. 
2. Coach’s Video Blog – “How to” Wall Squat.
3. Coach’s Blog – A Primitive Perspective on Endurance Training
4. Coach’s Blog – Magic Pill No. 247365.
You also may have noticed Joshua running around the gym snapping photos of you. Just try to ignore him as much as possible. He’s working on a project for us that’ll you’ll find out about soon. You guys and girls are kicking some serious ass. Keep it up. I’m proud of all of you. 

Just for “fun” I threw the Slosh Pipe lunges in at the end of today’s leg session. A fresh nervous system would struggle to execute these with precision, much less someone who just did over 300 split jumps. The pipes weren’t very heavy, but they were super awkward. Any excessive movement left or right and balance is instantly compromised.

Death by KB Shuttle is the warm-up from hell. It starts out nice and easy, but come minute six the pace quickens and heart rate jumps up rapidly. With less and less time to rest, getting to 11 minutes is often a matter of precious seconds. 

The first set is typically the hardest. Once the nervous system adapts to the initial shock each subsequent set gets easier. By the last few sets everyone was figuring it out.