9.20.12 Power Endurance

MB Tosses to warm-up
2×10 Shoulder Dislocates
3×15 Bulgarian Bag Halos
3×8 DB Arnold Press
“High Density Method”
25x DB Push Press (pause a sec. at top) +
15x HR Push-ups (keep hips off the floor) +
5x Dips (stay as upright as possible)
Rest 3 minutes (during which time perform 20x Wall Ball)
4 sets
BB Bent-Over Row (M@75-95/F@45-65)/Farmer’s Carry
12 reps/60m
10 reps/60m
8 reps/60m
6 reps/60m
Alternating Static Holds
Handstand Hold + KB Rack Hold @ 1/2 BW
Player has 2 sets each to accumulate over 5 minutes
Failure to do so = 50 Calorie SPRINT on the Airdyne
Cool Down
Other Notable Accomplishments
Coach’s Comments
Today a lady cancelled her evaluation because she was intimidated by our “welcome” email. I gladly cancelled it and hope she never calls again. Or then again, I hope she does. One day perhaps she’ll finds the courage to re-model herself into something, anything. And when she does she’ll know where to call. Until then maybe she’ll find a cozy little gym somewhere that will coddle her, insist she’s making progress, and take her money month after month with little to nothing to show for it. I’ve been in this game for too long to work with people who aren’t willing to go the distance day after day. I’m done with soft. I’m done with people who want a lot but are only willing to give a little. No more concessions. No more compromise. If you train like a pussy you get zero. It doesn’t matter how strong you are. It only matters how strong you want to be. So if an email intimidates you you probably made the right decision. Now I can sleep an extra hour tomorrow and my mind will be at ease, because that hour would have been a waste anyway.
The first few paragraphs of the email…
Thank you for your interest in Go Primal Fitness.

The evaluation is THE most critical component of your training process. In preparation of your group evaluation we’d like to give you a few tips to make your experience as efficient and productive as possible.

First, our time is very valuable. Please come ready to listen, ask questions, learn, and work.

Second, if you aren’t serious about making your training, nutrition, and lifestyle habits a priority we ask that you cancel your appointment and find somewhere else to fall short of your goals…. 


A proper push-up: only the chest and feet touch the floor. Then, re-position the hands and press up. This ensures a full range of motion.

We did a lot of pressing work today. It was a nice departure from all the leg work we started the week with. Dips are a superior exercise to push-ups for strength development.

Once all the pressing muscles were fried I taxed everyone’s grip with a little bent-over row/farmer’s carry combo. By the end of the session there was nothing left in the torso and arms.