9.21.12 Power Endurance

5 minutes to sweat
20x each Balancing Leg Swings 
2×10 Goblet Squat
3×10 Frog Hop
3x30s Paleo Chair
3x Burpees +
5x Ball Slam +
2x Tuck Jumps
Every minute on the minute for 12 minutes
P1 6x KB Bob n’Weave (2-count) @ 2×30-40#
P2 Box Toe Touch for the duration (16-20″)
P3 Dead Hang for the duration
P4 Rest
Continue until all players have done 5-6 rounds
100x KB Front Squats (partition as needed)
Every time the bag is set down add 10 reps to your total
No more than 2:00 minutes of rest between sets
5-minutes of light activity to cool down
Other Notable Accomplishments
Coach’s Comments

100x Squats with a 75# sandbag. Each time the bag is set down on the way to 100, add 10 reps to your total. The bag taxes the back extensors and makes it difficult to breath. Nonetheless, two athletes made it all the way without penalty.

An old friend: KB Bob n’ Weave. Much more difficult than it looks.

The chest and head stay upright throughout. Move through the legs and stay tall. Leaning forward is not an option because the the bells are impossible to hold if the chest drops too much.

The “FYF” pose.