9.28.12 Interval

5 minutes of jump rope
1-12 Team Box Jump Ladder (to warm-up)
45s Work/15s Transition:
Ball Slam/Barrier Hop
Ski Erg 
Step-up Hop @ 20-24″
Reverse Plank on Rings (elevate feet on box)
KB Bob n’ Weave
Burpee/Pull-up OR Dead Hang
4-5 rounds (include a warm-up round)
Cool Down
Other Notable Accomplishments
Coach’s Comments

Hold the shoulder blades together, point the feet straight up and drive the heels down into the box. The goal is to stress the grip and the posterior side of the body (i.e. hamstrings and low back).

Either explode upwards as high as possible or go fast. Slow is only an option if you are giving everything you have to each jump. And low is only an option if you’re going as fast as possible.

I strategically placed the burpee/pull-up station before the rest. I wanted anyone who decided to do it to feel like they could give a good effort knowing there was a short break right around the corner.

Everyone reported this was the hardest station. Maybe it was due to the fact they were coming off the rower or that the Ski Erg loomed at the next station. In either case few, if any,  were able to do Ball Slam/Barrier Hop for the entire 45s without stopping.