10.1.12 Power Endurance

5 minute easy row, ride, run, jump rope
KB Complex
20x SA KBS (left) +
20x SA KBS (right) +
15x SA KB Row (left) +
15x SA KB Row (right) +
6x (3 each) “Headbanger” Pull-ups (alternating, see pic)
Rest 3 minutes
4 sets
Rest 5 minutes
15x Close-Grip Bench Press (add chains) @ 2010 tempo +
60m Farmer’s Carry +
60s Dead Hang
10 Burpee penalty for less than 60s Dead Hang (enforced immediately)
4 sets
Rest as needed between sets
Cool Down 
Notable Accomplishments
Coach’s Comments
I posted a short video on how to apply chalk in the Coach’s Vlog. Tomorrow I’ll post one on How to Wall Squat. 

It was Single Arm day in the gym today, at least in the early going. Here Jordan is demoing a headbanger pull-up. Try to make your path as straight as possible. In other words, don't pull-up and then shift to the side, or shift to the side and then pull-up. Instead, pull directly up and to the side, in a straight line. 75% of your effort will come from the arm you're pulling towards. Keep the reps low, these aren't easy.

Make the weight heavy enough that you want to put it down after 20 reps.

415#. Hard work paying off.