10.6.12 Interval

5 minute easy row, ride, run, jump rope
MB Carries (Tag Team Style) to warm-up
15m each:
MB Bear Crawl +
Ball Slam/Burpee/Broad Jump +
“Rock” Carry +
Sprint w/ball
Rotate through for  12 minutes
“Hell-Style Intervals”
30s Work, 30s Rest “Hell-Style”
4 rounds each:
30s Row “Hard” @ <1:45/500m pace + 30s “Less Hard” @ <2:10/500m pace
Rest 90s second
30s Split Jump + 30s Quick Step-up 
Rest 90 seconds
30s Burpee + 30s FLR 
Rest 90 seconds
30s “Hard” Airdyne @ >400 watts + 30s Arms-only @ >100 watts
Rest 90 seconds
30s Ball Slam + 30s “Rest” in Rack Position
Rest 90 seconds
30s BB Push Press + 30s “Rest” in OH Position
Rest 90 seconds
30s KBS + 30s “Rest” Hold KB in Dead Hand or Dead Hang from Pull-up Bar (minimize transition time)
Cool Down
Coach’s Comments
I plan to do a video blog on Hell-Style Intervals later this week. Great energy in the gym today. 

A nice tweak to the normal bear crawl. Push the MB each time the hands move. Right, left, right, left. A 30# ball for the guys.

Flexibility is vital for the 30/30 push press. Being able to fully extend and lock the elbows at the top of each rep creates a brief transfer of the load from the musculature to the skeleton. The same is true during the “rest” portion of the interval. Absent this flexibility the muscles are under constant tension and “hell” is paid. Kara was able to do the entire 4 minutes as prescribed. 

For the Airdyne portion of the workout shoot for 400+ watts with the arms and legs and 100+ watts with the arms-only. You could easily sandbag this one. If you want to get better you have to have the discipline to make it hurt. Few do.