10.9.12 Power Endurance

5 minute jump rope
A few KBS, Ball Slams, and Box Jumps to warm-up
Warm-up on DL (3×10, progressive loading)
10x DL (95, 115, 135, 185, or 225#) +
20x Ball Slam @ 30# +
30x KBS @ 50# +
40x Box Jumps @ 24″ +
50 Calories on Rower or AD +
60x DB Walking Lunges (M@40-50# total, F@20-30# total) +
70x Burpees +
60x DB Walking Lunges (M@40-50# total, F@20-30# total) +
50 Calories ob Rower or AD +
40x Box Jumps +
30x KBS +
20x Ball Slam +
10x DL @ 225#
NOT for time
Fall Down
Other Notable Accomplishments
Coach’s Comments

With enough effort one can gain a calorie every pull. This level of effort is difficult to sustain however, especially for 50 calories and a lot of work before and after it.

In order for the rep to count the knee has to touch the floor with every lunge.

The deadlifts on the back end of the progression were significantly harder than the ones on the front end. Few were able to do all ten reps unbroken with perfect form. Here Aaron is fighting to hold on.

I advised everyone to take a few moments prior to attempting the final ten DLs.

Tony finishing strong.