10.10.12 Interval (IWT)

5 minute easy row, ride, ski, jump rope
3×5 Wall Squat
4x (30s Squat + 30s Rest)
2×10 Shoulder Dislocate
2x15m Lunge (reach back and overhead each step)
A few Paleo Chairs
Practice Hang Clean and Jerk
Phase I
12x BB Hang Clean and Jerk
400m Run +
2:00 minute rest
3 sets
Rest 5 minutes
Phase II
15x Heavy Jefferson Squats (M@90#, F@60-70#) +
2:00 minute Row, Airdyne, or Ski Erg +
2:00 minute rest
3 sets
Rest 5 minutes
Phase III
20x “unbroken” Split Jump +
15m Wheelbarrow Walk or Hop
5 rounds (tag team style)
Cool Down
Coach’s Comments
Mud Run Tips 
With two days remaining until the Mud Run I thought it would be appropriate to go over a few pre-race strategies to maximize your race day experience.
First and foremost, don’t freak out! What you do at GP is 10x harder than anything you’ll do in this race. You are more than prepared to handle anything they throw at you.
Remember this is a team event. Encourage your teammates. Help each other. Have fun with it. Any obstacles you don’t feel comfortable doing just skip them.  It’s no big deal. 
It’s a good to plan ahead so you have everything you need before the race, during the race, and after the race. Here are my recommendations:
1. Get to bed on time Friday night. We start early the next morning and you need to be fresh. Save the partying for Saturday night. Earn it!
2. It’s gonna be cold, probably in the 50s on race morning. Bring a light jacket or sweatshirt for your warm-up.
3. I recommend a tank top for ladies and cut-off t-shirt for guys. You can use an old GP shirt if you want to represent. The lighter the shirt the better. Long sleeves and/or heavy fabrics are not good when they get soaked. Less is best. By the time we finish the temperature will be in the 70s. 
4. Wear tights, either by themselves or under short shorts. Big baggy shorts are also a bad idea. Personally I wear my cycling tights. It just makes it easier to move and you don’t have to worry about snagging your shorts on anything. Again, less is best.
5. Long socks. They protect your shins and prevent rocks from getting into them. Rocks in your socks sucks. Plan to throw them away after. They’ll be destroyed. So don’t go out and spend $30 on a pair of high-end compressions. 
6. No jewelry (i.e. wedding bands, necklaces, ear rings, etc.). If you wanna wear a watch make sure it’s old and punishable. A brand new $300 Garmin will be destroyed. 
7. Unless you’re running to win any old pair of shoes will do. The bigger the tread the better. Misti ran in Nike Frees last year and had no complaints. The only place tread really helps is on some of the mud hills. But you should be fine. Tie them tight through. You don’t want to lose a shoe in a mud bog. 
8. Bring 2-3 old bath towels and a garbage bag or two for after the race. Make sure you get a pic of how you look immediately after the race before you towel off. Once all the teams are done we’ll gather for a big GP pic, pick up our race t-shirts and head out. 
9. When you get to the car have another set of clothes you can change  into or at least put over the clothes you’re wearing. I recommend flip flops too. It feels good to let your feet breathe a bit after 5 miles of mud. What you do with your shoes is up to you. There is a huge dumpster to donate shoes should you decide to chuck them, which I probably will. The trash bag you bring is for your dirty clothes and shoes. 
10. Respect the person’s car you’re traveling in. Clean yourself off with the towels you brought the best you can. 
11. Hopefully there is a bag check if you want to bring a small backpack. I plan to bring one with water, snacks, my ID, and cameras. A few people will be there who aren’t running that might be willing to watch our bags if there’s no bag check.
12. When you get back to the hotel you’ll take the longest shower you’ve ever taken and you still won’t get all the mud off. If you’re there with a significant other take a shower together so you can get those hard to reach and see places. If you’re solo, good luck!
13. Lunch at Mellow Mushroom around noon. The MM in Columbia is awesome. Pizza. Yes, Pizza. Lots of it. Cheat meal!!!!

The Jefferson Squat is a simple way to get people to squat perfectly. It allows the athlete to leverage the bell to lift the chest. If they possess good flexibility place their feet on a box or plate. If they're tight simply have them do it from the floor.

Any time you're writing programs for a large group it's important to choose exercises wisely. While many of our athletes have the ability to do Cleans from the floor I always choose movements that produce the result I want with minimal technical complexity. The Hang Power Clean & Press is a good example. There are certainly some technical aspects to it, but in the end its all about creating momentum on the bar with the hips. Flexibility is not a prerequisite. Jump and shrug to get the bar into the catch position, jump and press to get it overhead.

So simple even a runner can do it.

The 2:00 interval is all about hitting a self inflicted standard. For most of the girls I encouraged them to hit 480m. If the standard is set properly the first two sets should be tough but doable. The third should take everything you've got. If you bonk you bonk. But next time your mission will be more clear.

Case and point. Needless to say Nick missed his last target. But he's a better man for it.

Two examples of how to elevate the feet for the Jefferson Squats.