10.11.12 Power Endurance

Warm-up with MB Shotput Tosses (3-player rotation) for 10-minutes
Rotate players every 30s
5x60s Heavy MB Tosses (5 each: Oblique, Chest Pass, Oblique)
Rest 60s between sets 
2:00 minute FLR
Every 15s Do 1x HR Push-up
8 reps total each set
Rest 90s, repeat
5×10 Bottoms-up KB Strict Press (light, to warm-up)
KB Bridge Press @ 2×60-70# + Burpee/Pull-up (or burpee if player cannot do burpee/pull-ups)
10/1, 9/2, 8/3, 7/4, 6/5, 5/6, 4/7, 3/8, 2/9, 1/10
15x BB Bent-Over Row + 60s Hard Row/Ski/Ride + 60s Dead Hang 
Rest a little
12x BB Bent-Over Row + 45s Hard Row/Ski/Ride + 45s Dead Hang 
Rest a little
10x BB Bent-Over Row + 30s Hard Row/SKi/Ride + 30s Dead Hang
Rest a little 
8x BB Bent-Over Row + 15s Hard Row/Ski/Ride + 15s Dead Hang 
Cool Down with Slosh Pipe Holds (time permitting)
Cool Down
Coach’s Comments

We haven’t done these in a while. The Bottoms-up Press is humbling. 20# KBs is enough to make you shake uncontrollably. A great warm-up however.

To safely get the KBs in position for the Bridge Press roll over and grab the bell. Keep it close to the body and roll back into position. Don’t try to reach out and pick the weight up with an outstretched arm.

Squeeze the glutes and bridge as high as possible, high enough someone could crawl underneath you.

The proper finish position.