10.19.12 Power Endurance

5 minute easy row, ride, run, jump rope
20x Balancing Leg Swings (all directions)
4x (30s Mountain Climber + 30s Actual Rest)
3×10 KBS (progressive loading)
3×8 Burpee
15m Walking KBS @ 40# + 15m SPRINT +
15m Walking KBS @ 50# + 15m SPRINT +
15m Walking KBS @ 60# + 15m SPRINT +
15m Walking KBS @ 70# + 15m SPRINT +
After Rd 1 do 25x Toes-to-Bar 
After Rd 2 do 75s Dead Hang 
After Rd 3 do 25x Burpee/Box Jumps @ 16-20″
100m ALL-OUT Row/Ski or 10 Calorie AD @ < 20s +
Static Hold (player choice, see below)
Option #1
20s Barbell Dead Hold
Males start @ 135#
Females start @ 95
Add 20# each set until failure
Rest a bit between sets
Option #2
20s KB Overhead Hold
Males start @ 2×30#
Females start @ 2×15#
Add 5# each set until failure
Rest a bit between sets
Option #3
30s Wall Sit
Add 10s each set until failure
Rest a bit between sets
Cool Down 3×15-25 Barbell Grip Roll-ups @ 45# (for those that fail early)
Coach’s Commens
I want to thank everyone for coming out today. I used my Facebook power to boost attendance and it seemed to work. Friday is a special day in the gym. It isn’t that it’s any harder than any other day of the week. It’s more about putting your best foot forward going into the weekend. It’s about rounding out the week with an uncompromising effort and earning a couple days off. So harden the fuck up. After all it is Fuck You Friday. 

I only gave the KB OH Holds to those with the flexibility through their thoracic spine to support a descent amount of weight overhead without compromising their shoulders. Otherwise, it's a disaster waiting to happen. Tammi hoisting 2x50# for 20s.

For those that did choose to do the Overhead Holds I was impressed with their effort.

The Deadlift Hold is a test of grip strength. Some supported weight 2x their best deadlift for 20s at a time.

Adam fighting for a few extra seconds.