10.22.12 Interval

300x Jump Rope
P1 500m Row
P2 Rest
P3 Rest
Switch, 2-3 sets each
Increase speed each set (i.e. 1:50, 1:45, 1:40)
45s Work, 15s Transition
Airdyne @ >400 watts 
Rope Work (various)
Ski Erg @ >250 watts
Wall Sit
Back Toss/Sprint @ 30# (go for distance)
Dip Support
30 Minutes
Cool Down
Coach’s Comments

Zero movement, 100% focus. The Wall Sit is simple and effective.

Just holding yourself up isn’t good enough, Actively press down into the dip apparatus, lift the chest, and depress the shoulders. Keep the eyes up. Breathe.

We haven’t done rope work like this since the old gym location. It crushed everyone today. Smaller, faster movements are preferred. When one pattern dies move to another. Try to keep the ropes moving for 45s straight.

Nicole trying to survive the final few seconds.

You have to be aggressive with the Back Toss. It’s all-out or nothing. Intend to throw the ball as far backwards as possible each rep. Make sure the feet leave the ground to ensure proper use of the legs. Without the hips there’s little to give to this movement.