10.24.12 Power Endurance

5 minute easy ride, row, run, jump rope
3×5 Wall Squats
2×20 Squats
3×5 Tuck Jumps
3×10 SL Off-Box Squat (no pushing off trail leg)
Box Step-ups (each leg), hold KB/DB in FC Position
1×10, 1×8, 2×6, 2×4
Chase each set with 5x (each) Explosive Step-up Hops on same box
12x Wall Ball +
12x KBS + 
12x Ball Slam  + 
12x Burpee
Five Rounds (NOT for time)
Fall Down
Coach’s Comments
I haven’t had much time this week to develop new content for the website. I’ve spent the majority of my spare time working on a workshop for this weekend. The process of putting the GP prinicples into a condensed format has been good for me. It’s highlighted some very good things we are doing while making me aware of ways we can get even better in the coming months and years. All in all we’re on the right path. I see it in the progress our members are making. Strength is up, endurance is up, body composition is down and injuries are down across the board. Judging too by our reputation in the community I’d say the GP brand is stronger than ever. Thanks to everyone that makes it possible.
There should be lots of informative and entertaining content next week however. I hope to film an FYF video this Friday. There are some interesting grip exercises that would make for a good video for our online members. 

The trail leg should not touch the top of the box until the lead leg is full extended.

The explosiveness of the step-up hops are a nice complement to the slower, grinding nature of the step-ups. Roast and toast!! Jokingly, I told everyone they had to produce enough force to hang in the air for 2 seconds. No one did it, but it got the point across. 

Ignore the pain. It is only temporary.

A fine finish. Keep the butt of the bell horizontal to the floor so it can more easily makes it’s way back down. 

October’s Athlete of the Month. Congrats Janell. You earned it.