10.26.12 Power Endurance, Grip Training

5 minutes of easy row, ride, jump rope, run, etc.
KB Complex, 10 reps each:
Halos (R)
Halos (L)
Figure 8’s (5 each direction)
Goblet Squat
Snatch (R)
Snatch (L)
TGU (one each side)
One round light
One round heavy
6x TGU +
20x Split Jumps
One round @ 40#
One round @ 50#
One round @ 60#
Rest as needed between rounds
Grip Work Circuit
4 minutes of Seated Thick Rope Pulls @ purple band
Rest 1 minute
4 minute Row (wrap handles with towels to thicken)
Rest 1 minute
4-minutes of Grip Rollers with Chains (extension-only)
Rest 1 minute
4 minutes of Barbell Grip Roll-ups @ 45#
Rest 1 minute
4-Minutes of Farmer’s Carry @ 2×35-50#, each time the Kettlebells are put down do 5x Burpee
Rest 1 minute
4 minutes 30s KBS + 30s Dead Hang from Pull-up Bar
Rest 1 minute
Cool Down
Coach’s Comments
Principle #1 of the Go Primal Training Philosophy is Psychological Stress. Here are a few words on the topic from an upcoming blog on each principle:
[Some say the mind is primary. I agree. The physical aspects of training are grossly overrated. The real battle is waged between the ears, where the conversation can quickly sour for anyone unaccustomed to “embracing the suck.” 
The training at Go Primal is designed to create moments of discomfort; moments of self-inquisition; psychological stress. Can I? Should I? Have I?  I make this point very clear when I sit down with people to describe what happens here. I am intent on preserving the integrity of our training environment. That is, collecting a group of people who seek out opportunities to overcome challenges; who have grown comfortable with being uncomfortable; who have picked up the pieces of their ego time and time again and humbled themselves in the presence of their peers.
When we overcome a self-limiting belief we re-wire our psyche. We become addicts of self-improvement, eager to find the next big challenge. Our gym provides a safety net to cast one’s self into the fire.  Win or lose we discover who we are, without judgement from others. It’s honest. It’s real. These are moments of value, where the line in the sand is moved further back and suddenly that which seemed impossible is within reach. ]

The subtle wrist flexion at the top is small but important. This is one of the few grip exercises that having a big hand is actually a disadvantage.

I devised this exercise a few days ago "playing" at the end of one of my workouts. We used it today with great success. Pull the rope to create maximal tension and retrace your hands to release tension. Doing it with a 2 inch diameter rope does help either.

Another persecutive.

The grip rollers are always effective. Five out of six stations were flexion-based. So on the grip rollers I had everyone do extension-only. Roll the pipe back until the chains are at your feet. Try to use one hand at a time. Feel free to get the body involved as much as needed. Repeat for 4 minutes.

Rowing after a pulling exercise is challenging on its own. I fattened the grips by taping towels around each side of the handle. Genius if I do say so myself.

Erin holding tight during the Farmer's Carry. Every time the Kettlebells are put down perform five burpees on the spot.