10.30.12 Power Endurance

5 minute row, ride, run, jump rope
P1 200m Medicine Ball Carry  30-40#
P2 Burpees for the duration of MB Carry (inside the gym)
Switch, 4 rounds each (to warm-up)
15x Bulgarian Bag Full Moons/Halos +
4x (20s Mountain Climber + 10s FLR)
3 sets
5x (each) Partner Ball Slam/Burpee +
16x Split Jumps
15m Fireman Carry each player OR Heavy Farmer’s Carry
8 rounds, then immediately do 100x Team Wall Ball (partition as needed)
10x (each) Partner Ball Slam “Hard” +
16x Split Jumps
15m Fireman Carry each player OR Heavy Farmer’s Carry
AMRAP 20 minutes
5x (30/30) Frog Hop
Cool Down
Coach’s Comments

This is what I expect when we Back Squat for every rep, no matter the weight on the bar.

Full Moons are slightly different than Halos. The lever is longer and more power is required to accelerate the bag around. Keep the core tight though or you’ll find the bag swinging you.

Another view.

It was Taras’ first workout this evening. He learned quickly that bodyweight is often more than enough to produce a training effect.

Season the legs with split jumps then immediately carry your partner 15m. The fireman carry is unique in that even the person being carried is working. If you relax on your partners shoulders it’s likely you’ll fall or have your organs massed. When possible try to match people of similar mass.

It’s not ball drop, it’s Ball SLAM! Like many exercises this one is what you make of it.

The goal during 30/30 Frog Hop is to survive the entire 30s with perfect form. Pain is inevitable. The sigh of relief that sweeps the gym after each 30s interval is audible. Miguel is suffering very well in this picture.