11.2.12 Power Endurance

5 minute row, ride, run, jump rope
DB Complex, 3 rounds, 6 reps each of the following:
Biceps Curl +
Muscle Snatch +
Bent-Over Row +
Thruster +
Lateral Lunge (3 each side) +
Push-up (hands in DBs)
Rest a bit, two sets
“Happy 36th Birthday Tammi”
36 reps each:
DB Snatch (L) +
DB Snatch (R) +
Single Arm DB Push Press (L) +
Single Arm DB Push Press (R) +
Pull-ups (use jump pull-ups if necessary)
Max rounds in 36 minutes (record total reps)
Cool Down
Coach’s Comments

Happy 36th Birthday. Your birth will leave a lasting impression on everyone who trains at GP today and tomorrow.

The DB version of the Snatch is much more of an up and down movement than the KB variety we typically do. For today's workout I specified the DB had to pass below the knees and reach a fully locked out elbow position overhead. Use the hips or you'll quickly run through your shoulders.

Jordan gathering momentum.

We rarely do a lot of high volume pull-up training. I prefer to keep the reps low and the sets high. However, for today I made an exception. Most athletes used the jumping variety, which even though you're allowed use of the legs, still takes it's toll. In the bottom be sure to bend the knees enough to lock out the arms. Make an effort to pull yourself all the way up and into the bar at the top. Take your time. There is little to be gained from doing it wrong and fast.