11.4.12 Photos

I took this picture to illustrate a point. The DB Snatch is a hip exercise. To preserve efficiency it’s important to focus on involving the hips on every rep. No hips = all arms. All arms = quick to fatigue. I did this workout yesterday and made sure my feet left the ground every rep, especially knowing there were DB Presses and Pull-ups looming in the distance. 

A closer look…Notice the heels are elevated as a result of hip extension. This is not a calf raise, it’s a follow-through position.

Spike Swings. Allow your partner to spike the bell. The advantage of the spike swing is it forces a higher level of deceleration in the bottom position. The key is to minimize the time between deceleration and re-acceleration. It’s a good reminder of where the work should be done. Both players are working hard. The spiker’s job is to give the bell everything they have. 


We have done the Lunge + SL Balance + SLDL combo many times in the past. Today I threw in a new little tweak and asked each player to hop. Jump off one leg, land back on that leg and stabilize. Demonstrate control before you do the next lunge. It was actually more difficult than it looks. 

I’m a huge fan of single limb work. It’s insightful and requires focus. Each movement is executed deliberately and with precision. Try to notice any differences in sides. It’s typical to be stronger or more stable on one side verses the other. If you find that to be the case do an additional set on the weaker side.