11.5.12 Power Endurance

5 minutes to sweat
10x Wall Squat @ 3-1-3-1 tempo
4x(30s Squat + 30s Rest)
3x15m SA OH Lunge (each arm)
15m Lunge + 5x DB Man-Maker
15m Lunge + 4x DB Man-Maker
15m Lunge + 3x DB Man-Maker
15m Lunge + 2x DB Man-Maker
15m Lunge + 1x DB Man-Maker 
1 set light
1 set heavy
7x Heavy Goblet Squat (M@70-80#, F@40-50#) +
10x Box Jump
Max rounds in 10 minutes
8-minute Static Hold Circuit 
Rotate between the following holds:
Wall Sit
Low Plank
Handstand Hold
Cool Down
Coach’s Comments
New Video in the Coach’s Vlog section on Thoracic Spine Mobility.

Bell tight to the body, elbows pointed down. The Goblet Squat is great because it allows the athlete to use a big KB.

During the static hold circuit be particularly mindful of holding each position with perfect posture. Static holds could fall into the core category, because they reinforce ideal posture through the trunk.

Zoe asked me today what Rob was doing with the bands. I told her he was creating leverage to get deeper into his squat position. This is a common band use to improve squat mechanics before loading up.

Aubrey resting between sets of Back Squats. Strength work requires 3-5 minutes of rest between sets to allow the CNS to recover. Too little rest and the nervous system can't recover fully. As a result the weight on the bar cannot be sustained and the training stimulus is compromised. Rest plenty between low rep sets.

The proper elbow position for the back squat is pointed straight down. This requires a fair bit of shoulder flexibility, something we've been working on of late with everybody during their squats. Rotating the elbows down externally rotates the shoulders and places the athlete in a better position to support the bar. Notice also that her wrists are straight. Everything is tight, everything is engaged. As it should be.