11.6.12 Power Endurance, Strength

 Throw Medicine Balls (various)
2×10 Shoulder Dislocates
2x15m Bear Crawl + 15m Reverse Bear Crawl
2×7 HR Push-ups
Mobilize T-Spine
A couple sets of light Push Press (i.e. 2×8-10)
5x Push Press @ 75# + 30m Bear Crawl
5x Push Press @ 95# + 30m Bear Crawl
5x Push Press @ 105# + 30m Bear Crawl
5x Push Press @ 115# + 30m Bear Crawl
3x Push Press @ 135# + 30m Bear Crawl
3x Push Press @ 155# + 30m Bear Crawl
3x Push Press @ 165# + 30m Bear Crawl
2x Push Press/Jerk @ 185# + 30m Bear Crawl
1x Push Press/Jerk @ 205# + 30m Bear Crawl
30s Row/Ride/Ski +
90s Rest
During “rest” perform 10x KBS + 10x HR Push-ups
Player must increase meters or calories every round for six rounds (i.e. 135m, 137m, 140m, etc.)
Cool Down
Coach’s Comments

Keep the hips low and the back as parallel to the floor as possible.

I posted a video in the Coch's Vlog on how to mobilize the thoracic spine. It's particularly important prior to any overhead training like the kind we did today. Spending five or so minutes improving extension will make a world of difference in your mechanics, which will always translate into improved performance and strength gains.

During the 90s "rest" period perform 10x KBS + 10x HR Push-ups. The time left is your actual rest. Start slowly and get faster each 30s row or ski. Sometimes I like people to accelerate out of the gym; to get better with each set; not to get accustom to accepting declining performance as the workout progresses.