11.10.12 Recovery

Workout 1
5 minute easy row, ride, run, jump rope
3×10 Shoulder Dislocates
Warm-up with KB Carries 
Rotate between the following:
Awkward (L up, R down)
Awkward (R up, L down)
Cradle OH
Heartbeat Walk
3 rounds
10x Bottoms-up KB Press +
10x  SA KB Bridge Press (off bench) +
10x Standing Zottman Curls +
10x (each) SA KBS 
10x (each) SA KB Bent Row +
4 sets 
Rest as needed between sets
4x (20s Hard @ <1:45/500m + 10s Rest) Ski Erg
2:00 minutes of “active recovery” jump rope
3 sets
Cool Down 
Workout 2
5 minute easy row, ride, run, jump rope
32-1 Tag Team Lunge Ladder (down 39th Ave.)
P1 does 32 lunges while P2 walks next to them
P2 does 32 lunges while P1 walks next to them
P1 does 31 lunges while P2 walks next to them
P2 does 32 lunges while P1 walks next to them…
Continue to 1 each, then both players run back to the gym
Then (immediately):
8x Front Squat + 
8x Pull-up + 
8x Hand Stand Push-up OR 8x HR Push-ups +
4 rounds (32 reps each movement)
Then (immediately):
32 Calorie Sprint on the Rower, AD, or Ski Erg before you leave. Fastest time of the day on each piece of equipment (M/F) trains for free today.
Cool Down
Coach’s Comment
I was delighted to see everyone wanting a recovery workout. We work very hard during the week and deserve a workout here or there that targets different muscles and gets the body moving in a way that will not break it down. An article on this topic is on the horizon. 

The bench is only on the upper back so the athlete has to lift the hips and keep them level. The unilateral load of the KB forces the athlete to stabilize in the transverse plane, the plane in which most injuries occur.

Another view.

I love Zottman curls, but have never done them in a group until today. The eccentric portion of the movement is with the hand in a pronated position. Try to lower the DB for a four-count. There is more tension placed on the forearm extensors and brachioradialus, two areas often neglected in the gym. It's a perfect exercise for a recovery workout.

Isolating the lat with SA KB Rows. Maintain an arch in the low back and try NOT to use any momentum. The KB should touch the ribcage in the top position with the wrist straight. I often see athletes with poor pulling strength over recruit the wrist flexors to compensate. Squeeze the lat at the end of the range, repeat.