11.13.12 Power Endurance

5 minute easy row, ride, run, jump rope
3×5 Wall Squats
2×20 Squats
5×10 KBS (increase load each set)
8x KB “Headcutter” every 60s for 
Heavy Man-Maker Progression
5 reps @ 2×15#
4 reps @ 2×20#
3 reps @ 2×25#
2 reps @ 2×30#
1 rep @ 2×45#
Rest as needed between sets
Then (immediately):
500m Row/Ski OR 50 Calorie Airdyne
2 sets
Grip Work 
15x BB Grip Roll-ups +
60m Farmer’s Carry
5 rounds
Cool Down
Coach’s Comments

People often make the excuse they don't have enough equipment to train regularly. The realty is you don't need much. A collection of dumbbells is more than enough to get he job done. Today was proof of that.

As the load increases so too must the athlete's efficiency. Use the hips to clean the DBs and then again to press them powerfully overhead. If you try to curl the weight you'll be stuck at 30#.

Roll the bar all the way down the fingers. Then curl it up slowly. Time under tension is important when training grip. The longer the forearm flexors are under tension the better the training response. Rushing through it is less productive.