11.14.12 Power Endurance

5 minute easy row, ride, run, jump rope
2x(15m Forward Lunge + 15m Backward Lunge)
4x (30s Mountain Climber + 30s Rest)
3×6 Deck Squat
6x Deck Squat/Ball Slam +
6x HR Push-ups
6 rounds (at warm-up pace)
Heavy Object Shuttle over 20″ Box (5 various objects)
Shuttle one object at a time 15m across the gym, run back to retrieve another object
Switch players when all the objects have been moved. 
Alternate for 10 minutes
Front Squat + 30s Wall Sit
10/30s, 9/30s, 8/30s, 7/30s, etc.
Continue to 1/30s Wall Sit
Clean the BB every set
Cool Down
Coach’s Comments

The box adds an element of danger to the shuttle. Stay focused and try to jump the box in stride. It's fairly easy without an object in your hand, but becomes significantly more challenging with a 45# DB in tow.

Brandi and Lavina making it look easy.



Grab and go. Make an effort to keep the back flat. Notice how Dana is dropping down through the knees and hips to bring herself closer to the object. The worst mistake is keeping the hips high and bending from the back only.

Sometimes combining uncomplimentary movements is good, like Front Squats and Wall Sit. While the cumulative fatigue is often overwhelming, the effectiveness of the training stimulus is undeniable.

The ideal position for the elbows is pointed directly forward.I use the cue, "guns up" to hammer home the point. This ensures the bar is resting snuggly on the body and NOT being held by the arms. This obviously requires an above-average degree of mobility in the wrists, elbows, shoulders, and T-spine. If the T-spine is stuck (and frequently it is) even more is required of the arms to position the bar properly.