11.15.12 Power Endurance, IWT

Throw MBs (various) for 5 minutes
2×10 Shoulder Dislocates
100x Alternating Supermans
4×10 KB Snatch (each arm), increase load once
On last rep of each set of snatches do 5x Windmills (SLOW)
Mobilize Spine
Phase I
12x Two-Handed KB Snatch +
4x (20s Hard / 10s Easy) Row/Ski/Airdyne +
2:00 minute rest
3 sets
Rest 5 minutes
Phase II
10x Strict Pull-up (vary grips) +
4x (20s Hard / 10s Easy)  Row/Ski/Airdyne
2:00 minute rest
Rest 5 minutes
Phase III
Cool Down with Medicine Ball Walk-Outs (see photos)
Actual Cool Down
Coach’s Comments

The Windmill requires a great deal of mobility, both through the hips and shoulders. They expose limitations like no other. Nicole demonstrating excellent form.

There's only one way to do the Two-Handed KB Snatch...FAST. I was commenting to James I believe they are actually easier to teach than the single-arm variety. The power demand may be one reason for it.

Do the work in the bottom and ride it up. 2x40# is DIFFICULT. Rob on his way to twelve.

Every athlete is different when it comes to hitting a standard during the interval portion of the IWT. The best way to do it is to climb to a power output that challenges you and try to maintain it for every 20s "hard" portion of the interval. If you set your mark properly you'll know it, because after each round the two minute rest is hardly enough.

Collect yourself. The mental negotiation begins again shortly. And the worst part is it will be harder the third time around.

It hurts so good. The pain is often overwhelming. It's the third and fourth intervals that show what you're made of. Maintain the standard or quit knowing you gave up. For us there is only one way.

The aftermath...


The medicine ball walk-out is a threshold exercise. Walk the ball out as far as you can stabilize (i.e. maintain a neutral spine). It's harder than it seems.