11.17.12 Recovery, Competition

Workout 1
 5 minute easy row, ride, run, jump rope
3×5 Wall Squats @ 333 tempo
2x15m Forward Lunge + 15m Backward Lunge
15m Walking Lateral Lunge (L) + 15m Walking Lateral Lunge (R)
3×10 SL Off-Box Squats (SLOW)
DB Complex
Biceps Curl +
Hi-Pull +
Bent-Over Row +
Thruster +
Lateral Lunge +
Renegade Row 
3 rounds of 6 reps each @ 2×10-15# DB
2 rounds of 6 reps each @ 2×20-25# DB
1 round of 6 reps each @ >2×25# DB (Go Heavy!)
7x Close-Grip Bench Press +
7x Toes-to-Bar 
7 rounds (not for time)
Cool Down
Workout 2
100x Burpee/Lateral Bar Hops
Every minute on the minute do 3x Front Squats (M@135#, F@95#)
Fall Down
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Coach’s Comments
WOW! What a day. 

Rob digging deep.

I was impressed with our form today. It’s easy during competitive workouts to forget what matters in favor of a fast time or beating someone else. I’ve worked hard to teach all of our athletes that HOW you do things matters more than how fast you do them. Plowing through with no regard for the “how” is wasteful and ultimately slows progress. Kian staying sharp.

It’s good to measure yourself against others. Today was about getting better; about doing something that everything inside you is telling you not to do. These are the moments that show us who we are. I’m proud of everyone who put themselves out there. It’s not easy to do. Congratulations.