11.19.12 Power Endurance, Interval

5 minute easy row, ride, run, jump rope
3×5 Wall Squats
2×20 Squats
2×10 Shoulder Dislocates
4×10 KBS (increase load each set)
30/30 “Hell-Style” Intervals
Looks like…
4x (30s Hard Row @ <1:40/500m + 30s “Less Hard” Row @ <2:15/500m) +
2:00 minute actual rest
4x (30s Split Jump + 30s “Rest” doing Box Step-up) +
2:00 minute actual rest
4x (30s Burpee + 30s “Rest” in FLR position) +
2:00 minute actual rest
4x (30s Airdyne @ >450 watts + 30s “Rest” Arms-only @ >130 watts) +
2:00 minute actual rest
4x (30s Ball Slam + 30s “Rest” in Rack position) +
2:00 minute actual rest
4x (30s Whipsmash + 30s “Rest” in Parallel Squat position) +
2:00 minute actual rest
4x (30s Barbell Push Press + 30s “Rest” Holding Bar in Overhead position) +
2:00 minute actual rest +
4x (30s KBS @ 40-45# + 30s “Rest” in Dead Hang from Pull-up Bar) 
Cool Down
Coach’s Comments
There is an upcoming coach’s video blog on 30/30 intervals. Stay tuned.

It's important to set benchmarks for each interval. Left to their own devises, in a condition of pain, the athlete will typically fall off. However, knowing what to hit and having your coach barking at you, keeps the mind centered. For the Row keep the pace under 1:40-1:45/500m for the work and below 2:15/500m for the "rest."

I knew I wanted to do Whipsmash today. It's a unique exercise that adds an element of 'fun' to the workout. Miguel is demonstrating how to open the hips fully to project power through the rope. Finish with an explosive downward whip.

For the "rest" position I devised this sinister hold. The thighs must be parallel to the floor. Hold onto the rope but not enough to hold yourself up, only enough to gain slight leverage and maintain an upright torso. I told everyone if they felt like they'd fall backwards if they let go they were probably relying on the rope too much.

Another view. I always remind the athlete to focus on big, deep breaths during static holds. Because there is no muscle action to facilitate circulation their intent should be to compensate by forcefully moving air. Otherwise the blood poisons the legs and the hold becomes virtually impossible.

I don't care how tough you are. If your spine is stuck and you can't hold your arms straight over your head this hold will ruin you. Lock the elbow and support. When the elbows bend the shoulder musculature engages and it's usually only a matter of seconds before failure rears it's ugly head.