11.23.12 Power Endurance, IWT

2000m Row
BB Complex, 6 reps each
DL +
Bent-Over Row +
Muscle Snatch +
1 set @ 45#
1 set @ 65# 
1 set @ 75#
10x Clean and Jerk @ 115# +
2:00 minute Airdyne @ >40 calories +
2:00 minute rest
3 sets
5 minute intermission
10x OHS @ 145# +
4x (15s Hard @ >500 watts/ 15s Easy) Airdyne +
2:00 rest
3 sets
5 minute intermission
Primal “Sprint” Tri
500m Ski +
50 Calories +
500m Row
For time
Cool Down
Coach’s Comments
The gym was closed today. I took advantage and went in for a bit. It was an Airdyne day. I hate the Airdyne. So, just to piss myself off I did it in all three phases of today’s IWT. Discipline is a Motherfucker. 
I like this message from theMillgym.com. I spent a few minutes on their site and enjoyed much of it. I’m still convinced they are more show than go. It’s funny because so many gyms have great ideas and methods (and they put a great deal of money into promoting them), but unfortunately many don’t have the first clue about how to actually apply those methods. What ends up happening is you get great results with well-tuned athletes and the weaker links fade into the distance or get hurt. Why? It’s not because they aren’t willing to work hard, it’s because they are doing “stuff” they have no business doing in the first few weeks/months of training, like Olympic fits, OHS, etc. I was guilty of the same things early in my career, but learned quickly that being successful in this business is about creating a loose system where clients are placed and guided to the appropriate starting place. 
We don’t do O-lifts in our groups…it’s stupid. We don’t do OHS in our groups…it’s stupid. We don’t compete or do much for time…it’s stupid. We don’t pile weight on people in an overhead position who are stuck or hypo-mobile…it’s stupid. The result is we cut down on injuries and make progress without structural breakdown. When the time is right the O-lifts are introduced as a separate program where the intricacies of the lift can be taught properly. When the time is right OHS are introduced when time can be dedicated to properly warming up, mobilizing, and doing the lift properly. Slop = slop. Garbage in = garbage out. 
My point is, observe what you see on the internet with a cautious eye. Be a skeptic. Judge, inquire, and look deeper. Because MOST of what you see on the internet is gift-wrapped garbage.