11.27.12 Power Endurance

5 minute easy row, ride, run, jump rope
15x (each direction) Bulgarian Bag Halos +
4x (20s Mountain Climber + 10s FLR)
3 sets (do mobility work between sets)
30s Row/Ski +
10x Heavy Ball Slams @ 30-40#
12 rounds
Increase the distance on the rower each set (see photo)
Males start at 130m
Females start at 110m
i.e. for males
Set 1 – 130m
Set 2 – 133m
Set 3 – 136m…
Then (immediately after 12th round):
Go for a personal record in TGU (3 sets)
Cool Down
Coach’s Comments
This workout evolved as the day went on. I was unsure of how to gauge the intensity of the row so that it was doable yet challenging. By the third or fourth group of the day I had it figured out. Next time we do this workout it will be dialed in perfectly. For the males it seems a good starting place is around 140m for the first round, progressing slowly to around 180-183m. We had a few guys pull 188m, which was impressive, but probably wouldn’t have be the norm. 
For females I started them around 110m. 
I liked this workout a lot because it forced everyone to pay attention and learn how to control intensity. It was also good psychologically because as the workout progressed so too did their performance. Usually in a workout performance drops as the workout draws to a close. This time they experienced an improvement that accelerated them out of the gym on a high note. This is important, which is why we don’t overly rely on circuits where performance drops over time. This method is also effective for technical proficiency (i.e. maintaining good form from beginning to end).
Just for fun I threw in three sets to find a personal record in TGU. Amazingly many people hit a new personal bests. Their loads are posted above and in their profiles. Click the person’s name to view their profile page. 

The Bulgarian Bag/Mountain Climber combo is a very effective warm-up. It's metabolically taxing and neurologically challenging all at the same time. I was impressed with everyone's ability to use the bags. I remember a day not too long ago when several of our athletes struggled mightily with them.

We tracked all the numbers on the Rowers and Ski Ergs today. Seeing it on the board holds you accountable and relieves you of the task of remembering what your next objective is. It also gives insight into what other athletes are doing. A little competition to boost performance is never a bad thing.

Use the hips to float the ball overhead. If you don't your arms will tire and the row will become significantly harder. Efficiency always wins.

Aaron hitting a new PR with the 80#.