11.29.12 Power Endurance, IWT

800m Run 
3×5 Wall Squat 
2×20 Squat
3×5 Tuck Jump
4×10 KBS (increase load each set)
Phase I
12x KB “Headcutter” +
2 minutes of Airdyne/Row/Ski +
2 minutes of rest
3 sets
5 minute intermission
Phase II
12x Sumo Deadlift +
2 minutes of Airdyne/Row/Ski +
2 minutes rest
3 sets
5 minute intermission
Phase III
KBS + Tuck Jumps
10/1, 9/2, 8/3, 7/4, 6/5, 5/6, 4/7, 3/8, 2/9, 1/10
55 total reps. Happy 55th Birthday Robin!
Cool Down
Coach’s Comments
I’m sick and tired of people walking out of the gym on IWT day with a smiles on their faces. There’s no excuse for it and I simply will not have it. Today was about accountability and reaching for a standard. There’s a big difference between excelling and surviving during a workout. Excelling takes balls. Excelling requires grit and determination. Survival means you’re happy to get through it unscathed. It means your satisfied leaving the gym the same person you were when you walked in. But IWT day isn’t about survival. It’s about peeling yourself off the fucking floor because you gave more than you thought you could. The hardest day in the gym is not Friday, it’s Thursday motherfucker. 

If you don't know what this feels like you're missing the point of training. They're lying down because they can't stand up. Drag yourself through the mud. It's the only way to realize who you REALLY are and what you're REALLY capable of.