11.30.12 Power Endurance, MF Leg Day

800m Run
“MF Leg Day”
55 Squats +
55 Lunges +
55s Wall Sit
2 rounds (to warm-up)
3×10 Single-Leg Off-Box Squats @ 16-20″
Between sets prep hips for squats
15x Back Squats with Chains +
4x (15s Split Jump + 15s Rest) +
4x High Box Jumps +
2 minutes rest
3-4 sets
1-10-1 Partner “Jump” Ball Slam Ladder 
The ball must stay off the ground at all times (with exception to the ‘slam’ portion of the movement)
Fall Down
Coach’s Comments

This is what a proper Back Squat should look like. Of particular importance is the position of the shoulders. Notice the elbows are pointed down and the wrists are straight. Nicely done.

Why the chains? Because it's MF Leg Day and the chains increase tension on the legs at the top when it would normally be reduced. It's subtle but effective. Chains also encourage depth, because the lower the athlete squats the less weight is on the bar.

If the barbell is too heavy there are other options. Exhibit A: I attached 20lbs worth of chains to a 25lb KB. It worked very well. So well in fact that I can promise these will show up again next week.

Today was a day of subtle rules. For example, during the 1-10-1 Jump Ball Slam Ladder I told them the ball couldn't be put down (with exception to the actual slam part of the movement). So if they wanted a few extra seconds to rest they had to hold the ball. It's a subtle stipulation, but one that forces strategy and instinct for survival.