12.4.12 Power Endurance

5 minutes to sweat
2×5 Wall Squat
2×20 Squat
3×8 DB SOTS Press
4×10 KBS (increase load each set)
Practice Barbell Hang Clean and Jerk (C&J)
10x BB Hang C&J +
4x (20s Hard / 10s Easy) Row/Airdyne/Ski +
2:00 minutes rest
3 sets
55-45-35-25-15 KBS + 400m Run
Looks like…
55x KBS + 400m Run 
45x KBS + 400m Run…
Fall Down
Coach’s Comments

Of all the OLY lifts we do in groups (which are very few) I like the Hang Clean and Jerk because it’s easy to teach, it makes sense, and the likelihood you’ll hurt yourself is low considering the rep range and load. No one used more than 115# yet still experienced the desired effect. 

Before class started I turned around and found all the kids on the Aridynes warming up. It’s not our typical Primal Kids warm-up, but I went with it. They’re use to seeing their parents do it so they wanted a piece. This hour is always one of the highlights of my day.

If you’re uncertain if your thoracic mobility is good grab a couple 10-15# DBs, find the bottom of a squat position, and press the DBs overhead in a straight vertical line. If it’s easy your spine is probably mobile. However, if the DBs feel five times heavier than they really are, you’re likely stuck.

Today the standard was swinging the KB just above the head.