12.5.12 Power Endurance

5 minute easy row, ride, run, jump rope, etc.
3×5 Wall Squat
2×20 Squat
3×10 KB RDL
3×10 DB Strict Press (pause 1s at the top of each rep)
3×5 Burpee
Work up to Heavy Sumo DL
800m Run “Buy in” +
10 rounds of…
12x OH KB Lunge (Hold in cradle position)
6x Burpee OR Burpee/Pull-up 
3x Heavy DL 
Then (immediately):
800m Run “Cash out”
30 minute time cap
Cool Down
F = Finished in allotted time
Notable Accomplishments
Coach’s Comments
F&^$ Burpee Pull-ups!!!!!!!
I posted an essential read in the Coach’s Blog. Click here to view.

The specific warm-up is designed to prepare the athlete for the work ahead. In this case the RDL is effective for lengthening the hamstrings and 'setting' the low back. In other words, it creates an awareness around low back position and how to maintain a flat low back while bending forward. I chose this as part of the warm-up in leu of the forthcoming Sumo DLs.

Burpee/Pull-ups are 30% more difficult than regular Burpees. 40% if you're under 5'7". These f*&cking sucked!

As is the case any time we hold objects over our heads. Mobility always wins. Having the ability to lock the elbows into position and keep the bell above/slightly behind the ears allows one to focus on the lunges and not the task of hold 40+ pounds in the air.

10 rounds is a lot of rounds. So we counted for everyone. Sometimes in the heat of the moment, in a fatigued state, counting is the last thing on your mind.