12.11.12 Power Endurance

5 minute easy row, ride. run, jump rope, etc.
2×5 Wall Squat
2×10 Shoulder Dislocates
2×5 HR Push-ups
3×10 KB Snatch (increase weight each set)
2×6 (3 each) Snatch/OHS/SOTS Press Combo @ 20-30#
60s Dead Hang 
Every 10s do a pull-up (6 reps total per set)
Rest 90s
3 sets
3x (1-3) or (1-5) Handstand Push-ups (depending on player’s ability)
3x (1-5) HR Push-ups, “Rest” in FLR position while other players do push-ups
15x Jump Ball Slam +
60s Burpee/Box Jump +
60s “Active Recovery” Box Step-ups
3 rounds
15x Jump Ball Slams +
60s Burpees (>15 reps) +
60s Actual Rest
3 rounds
Then (immediately):
“Cash out” with 100x KB Snatches  (switch arms every 10 reps)
Rest as needed between efforts
Cool Down
Coach’s Comments
Today was one of those days when I  shake my head in amazement at the shear amount of work we get done in an hour. Any one part of today’s workout could have been a workout in itself for most people. Not here. Our athletes have deep tanks and the more they adapt to the volume I throw at them the better they get. Our training has morphed into a volume/work capacity style. I personally feel, and have shown through anecdotal experimentation, that a steady progression of volume over intensity, sprinkled with bouts of intensity here and there is the most sustainable form of fitness there is. Short, intense workouts will only get you so far. At some point the volume has to be there. The athletes with broad work capacities AND strength/power are forces to be reckoned with. Those are the kinds of athletes I’m interested in creating. But it all starts with volume, because volume forms the foundation. And the wider the foundation the higher the fitness level can be built. 

The Snatch/Single-Arm OHS/SOTS Press combo is telling. Even athletes with relatively good flexibility struggle with this one. For some it's a product of not doing this particular exercise enough. But for most it's flexibility. Anytime you do an exercise that challenges you use that same exercise as a barameter for improvement. Revisit it often, make adjustments, address what needs to be addressed, and come back to it to better determine if improvement is being made. Otherwise you never know. We all have something we need to work on. But do you have what it takes to find that something and attack it with gazelle intensity.