12.17.12 Power Endurance

5 minute easy row, ride, run, jump rope
20x Balancing Leg Swings
2×5 Wall Squat 
15m Forward Lunge + 10x Squats
15m Backward Lunge + 10x Jump Squats
15m Forward Lunge + 5x Burpees
15m Backward Lunge + 15m Bear Crawl
2 sets (to warm-up)
10x Lunge (Hold KBs in FC position) + 
30s Wall Sit (knees at 90 degrees)
10 rounds
Rest as needed between rounds
10x Burpee OR 7x Burpee/Pull-ups +
30s Dead Hang 
10 rounds
Rest as needed between rounds
Cool Down 
Coach’s Comments
I knew we were in for a long workout when the warm-up was frying people. 
On a side note I was slightly disappointed with everyone who started burpee/pull-ups and switched to the regular burpee option as soon as the pull-up version got hard. In my view, if you can do one burpee/pull-up you can do 70. So what if it takes you longer. The added work is worth it. Speed at the exclusion of work is not. So next time it gets hard and there’s an alternative don’t take it. Hunker down and get the work done because next time it will be easier. And the only reason it will be easier is because you had the guts to dig in the first time. 
I posted an article on IWTs in the Coach’s Blog. Click here to read.  

Blaz finished last today…and I was proud of her. It wasn’t because she was slow. It was because she didn’t take the easy way out when it got difficult. It was because she worked outside of her comfort zone. You get better when the work you do exceeds your normal limitations. The growth you acquire having done it will push you past everyone who chose the easy path.