12.18.12 Strength

5 minute row, ride, run, jump rope, etc.
2×5 Wall Squats
2×10 Shoulder Dislocates
3×5 Push-ups
3×8 DB Arnold Press
3×10 KBS (progressive loading)
Work up on Push Press (a few light sets of 5)
5-3-2 BB Push Press
Between sets do 60m Heavy Farmer’s Carry @ 2×80-90# KB
3 sets, rest 2-3 minutes between sets
Work up on Sump Deadlifts (a couple light sets of 5)
5-3-2 Sumo Deadlifts
Between sets do 60m Two-KB OH Carry (see photos)
3 sets, rest 2-3 minutes between sets
20x “Strict” Pull-ups @ 2010 tempo in as few sets as possible
Cool Down
Coach’s Comments

There are few exercises/carries more informative than the Two-KB Overhead Carry. Why? Because it exposes core weakness and shoulder immobility. If you start feeling your low back that means you've lost core control and you're literally hanging from your lumbar spine. It's also common to feel the low back when the T-spine doesn't move. If one segment is stuck it has to be made up somewhere. That 'somewhere' is either in the shoulder or low back. Bob looks solid.

A nice trick if you lack the necessary flexibility in the spine to get into the proper position overhead is to hook the thumbs together so the weights are touching overhead. This provides a pivot point and leverage so you can drive the head through the arms. Keep it light though. It only has a mobilizing quality if it's not too heavy. Too much weight forces you into your old patterns and takes the focus away from how you're doing it and puts it on just doing it.

It may be a static hold but it's a dynamic integration of several muscles to hold the weight in position overhead.

If the weight is dosed properly the final rep/hold should be a bitch. Chase that with a grip-crushing Farmer's Carry and there's no much relief for the upper body.

Tomorrow's 'fun'...the KBS/Broad Jump Combo.