12.20.12 Power Endurance, IWT

Run 800m
KB Complex:
10x Halos (L/R)
10x ATW (L/R)
10x Figure 8’s
10x Goblet Squats
10x Clean and Press (L/R)
10x Snatch (L/R)
2 sets (increase load on second set)
Phase I
15x KB Hi-Pull  (KB must touch the ground BEHIND the heels each rep) +
2:00 minute Ski/Row/Airdyne +
2:00 minute rest
3 sets
5 minute intermission
Phase II
15x Chained Goblet Squat (see photo) +
2:00 minute Ski/Row/Airdyne +
2:00 minute rest
3 sets
5 minute intermission
Phase III
8x DB Man-Makers +
8x Tuck Jump 
3-5  rounds
Cool Down
Coach’s Comments

The Chained Goblet Squat is a fairly new exercise in the gym. The main intention of the chains is to encourage proper depth. The lower the athlete squats the lighter the load becomes. As they rise the load increases and the demand remains. It's a new spin on an old favorite.

Another view. Geno in the foreground and Rob in the background. Both beasts!!

I was talking to Rob tonight about his current conditioning level and that despite the fact he hasn't been doing much endurance work he's still crushing most of the power endurance workouts in the gym. Although his focus has been 90% strength training, because his aerobic base is so vast (back to his days on the bike) he's able to draw on that during his non-weightlifting workouts and competitions. It just goes to show that your fitness base is everything. Build the base and you'll always be more versatile. The physical memories we create during training over the course of our lives never goes away. Drawing on them is simply a matter of Will.